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to expect not to be treated like a social leper because I don't watch "Britain's Got Talent"

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krazykoolkazza · 15/06/2007 19:45

Just don't like this sort of programme, can't see the appeal of it but am quite happy to acknowledge that others do watch it and do thoroughly enjoy it. So why do I have to constantly deal with everyone remarking in aston ishment as thought I was the world's biggest weirdo "you don't watch it?!!" when I tell them I don't.

I'd rather watch paint dry.

OP posts:

fairyfly · 15/06/2007 19:47

Are you Krazy and Kool though?


southeastastra · 15/06/2007 19:47

me too it's crappola


OrmIrian · 15/06/2007 19:48

Paint drying has its attractions in comparison.


weebleswobble · 15/06/2007 19:49

It's because you're watching Big Brother with the rest of us init?


Califrau · 15/06/2007 19:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters · 15/06/2007 19:49

you could swap that prog with many others...the joseph thing,Dr Who, X factor, BigBrother...ppl watch different things


HonorMatopoeia · 15/06/2007 19:50

Try not only not watching Britain's got Talent, but alsonot watching BB, Joseph, grease, x factor, fame academy or any soap - Hairdressers really don't know whatto say to me!


musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters · 15/06/2007 19:51

hairdresser? Whats one of them then?


musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters · 15/06/2007 19:51

come to mention it....nail person?!


HonorMatopoeia · 15/06/2007 19:51


ScottishMummy · 15/06/2007 20:24

don't watch any reality tv don't actually know the premise of Britain's got blah blah..BUT i am imagining precocious wanna be stage school types and drawn out tortuous will-they-wont-they-be evicted...blah blah


duchesse · 15/06/2007 20:38

Hear hear to the OP.

Now if only there were a way for us social lepers to meet somewhere. Maybe online. Oh.


Desiderata · 15/06/2007 20:39

Never even heard of it.

You must be totally cool.

Like me.


2mum · 15/06/2007 20:47

I am fed up of shows like this but i did watch a couple of shows and found it really entertaining. Although i find the auditions are the best bit on shows like this.


Bouncingturtle · 15/06/2007 20:47

I shall join you in your social leperdom, kazza. I would rather be rubbed vigourously all over with a cheese grater than watch any of those reality shows.


ScottishMummy · 15/06/2007 20:49

it's like an alternative proud to say we don't-watch-any-crap-tv-club

sign me up


agnesnitt · 15/06/2007 20:57

I watched the final of the Joseph one purely because I was on the phone to a friend at the time. Bloke who won was a bit dishy though, so it wasn;t all bad. Added JB goodness too.

Other than that, I don't do 'cool' tv. Or much telly at all to be frank.



glitterball · 16/06/2007 01:40

it seems as though my entire office watches it (except me!) am hoping it will finish soon as have totally had enough of having to listen to everyone talking about it - tbh i might as well be watching it!

conversely I have been watching joseph faithfully each week although no-one else i know has!- and agnesnitt you are quite right lee (the winner) is a total honey!


madamez · 16/06/2007 01:58

Don't worry. THis is what happens when you realise that you're surrounded by mundanes. There is a world full of amusing people out there - in fact there are many worlds of amusing people. You just have to find them. And once you have found them it becomes a lot easier to not mind the mundanes.


Boredveryverybored · 16/06/2007 02:22

People look at you in even more astonishment when you admit you don't watch telly at all! lol
I own a tv but it's turned on maybe once every few months. I just have no desire to watch it at all.
People think I am beyond wierd


midnightexpress · 16/06/2007 12:44

I saw about 10 mins of Britain's Got Talent last night and it seems that actually Britain doesn't.


Rhubarb · 16/06/2007 12:46

I don't watch that or Big Brother or any other programme where sad examples of humanity parade their talentless egos around in a pathetic bid to realise their dreams of becoming yet another Z list celebrity.

I'd rather pick scabs from my head and eat them.


fortyplus · 16/06/2007 12:49

I've never even heard of it!

I watched the first night and the last 2 or 3 weeks of the first 2 series of BB but that was enough for me - it's full of weirdos now.


joash · 16/06/2007 12:50

Me - too, I don't watch this kind of trite, crappy excuse for 'entertainment', nor any of the 'reality' shows. It's all targetted at the lowest common denomenator and cannot understand why seemingly educated, intelligent people (although that doesn't necessarily describe the majority of viewers) will waste their time and rot their brains with this crap. I have friends who watch this dross almost religiously and admit to often telling them how sad they are and to GET A BLOODY LIFE!!!


Sixofone · 17/06/2007 19:09

Shows like Joseph etc are tolerable because adults don't burst into inconsolable tears when they lose. Children do, and last night it broke my heart to see a bundle of little girls crying their eyes out for having lost Seems like gratuitous exploitation to me.

Having said that, I'll definitely be watching the final tonight so I can tut incredulously and make a comment about people who actually VOTE for these shows when either (a)a gappy 6 year old or (b) a little girl doing a Mary Poppins impression or (c) a rather effeminate (that's the sentiment in our house) male baton twirler wins

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