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To get rid of a gift?

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Merryoldgoat · 21/10/2018 11:05

A good friend bought me some word art. I hate it. I put it up in the hallway for a few months so she’d see it when she came over, but I’ve just decorated my hallway and it’s SO not my style.

So AIBU to dump it?

I suppose the real question is do you notice if decorative gifts you buy for people are on display? If something disappeared would you ask where it had gone?

I don’t want to hurt her feelings (obviously) but I don’t want it out anymore.

OP posts:
mistermagpie · 21/10/2018 11:10

I tend to hope they just think it's in my bedroom or something if they can't see it 'out'. My DHs aunt keeps buying us those terrible statues of faceless 'mother and child' or 'husband and wife' and I know she means well but I simply can't put them out. I hope she assumes we're just displaying them upstairs or something!

MissCharleyP · 21/10/2018 11:12

I probably would notice, but then I don’t like to think I knew my friends tastes enough that I wouldn’t buy them something that wasn’t ‘them’. Is it possible that a dog/cat/child/errant coat sleeve/visitor/could have caught it and broken it? Or did you drop it as you were packing it away to decorate? Other than that, spare room if you can’t bring yourself to Chuck/re-gift it?

CarryOnScreamingValenta · 21/10/2018 11:13

I would probably notice if something had gone, but I wouldn't say anything as I'd want to avoid an awkward conversation.

I don't like word art either, so I understand your dilemma.

You could put it away and, if she says anything, reply that since redecorating, you haven't decided where to put it yet.

Merryoldgoat · 21/10/2018 11:13

Oh yes, that’s good! I didn’t think that.

I know it was well meaning but I have nothing like that ANYWHERE - It’s very much her taste though.

OP posts:
Snog · 21/10/2018 11:14

I would just say if she asks that you loved the thought and kindness but it wasn't your style. And give it to a charity shop.

Merryoldgoat · 21/10/2018 11:14

I’ll deffo say I’m leaving it for the bedroom once I’ve decorated if she asks.

OP posts:
Merryoldgoat · 21/10/2018 11:15

That’s probably the best plan Snog - I’ll try to be brave.

OP posts:
Sunnysidegold · 21/10/2018 11:15

I have friend who always buys ings for me that go with her aesthetic for her home - lots of lovely vintage florals etc. My house is not at all like that. Her gifts are really nice just not my style. I kind of wish I could say something.

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