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Children's party games around a table ideas....

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drained1 · 20/10/2018 07:40

Dds 7th birthday tomorrow at her favourite restaurant. 14 kids going. I need ideas of games they can play around a table to stop them getting bored in between meal courses

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atomicnotsoblonde · 20/10/2018 07:41

I'm of no help. It have the same problem next week!

Disneydilemma · 20/10/2018 07:45

What about the one where they have a strip of paper they draw a head, then fold the paper over and the next person draws a body, folds the paper over and the next one draws legs. You could have a few going round.
Chinese whispers (or whatever it’s called now)
Or actually maybe just some colouring pictures or puzzles? Mine love doing that in restaurants.

drained1 · 20/10/2018 07:49

@atomicnotsoblonde hard isn't it? There's me thinking they would all sit nicely and eat the good....never occurred to me that they might get bored!

@Disneydilemma Chinese whispers will go down very well - thank you! And the drawing people too - great thank you. My mind was totally blank!

OP posts:
NoFucksImAQueen · 20/10/2018 07:49

we did the chocolate game at a pizza party for my 7 year old and the kids loved it.
kids roll a dice and when it lands on a 6 they have to put on the hat and gloves and cut the chocolate bar cube by cube with a knife and fork and eat it until the next person rolls a 6.

drained1 · 20/10/2018 07:50

Eat the food...not good

OP posts:
funmummy48 · 20/10/2018 07:52

I spy, Consequences? Will the restaurant give them all kids activity packs?

tumericmasala · 20/10/2018 07:56

Not sure I would have done a sit down meal for 7 year olds!

My DD had a tea party after school to keep the kids entertained we did traditional party games. But I also went to hobby craft and bought an activity pack and some masks for them to colour in - could you do that?

Heratnumber7 · 20/10/2018 08:11


Two teams - each team must be sitting together.

One team hides a small object such as a 5pm's coin in one persons hand. All members of that team puts hands on table, fists clenched as if they are hiding the coin.

Other team takes a turn each to tap a hand and say "tippit". That person has to open the hand and reveal whether they have the coin.

If the opposing team has the coin it's their turn next to hide it. If they don't find it the first team
Has another go.

Heratnumber7 · 20/10/2018 08:15

Black magic

Person A leaves the room.

Person B agrees with others on a mystery object - something in the room.

Person A returns and B starts pointing to things saying "is it this?" A days "no" until B gets to the selected object which A correctly identifies.

Unbeknownst to the group, A and B know that B will point to a black object immediately before the selected object.

You and DD could practice this at home and she could amaze all her friends.

Heratnumber7 · 20/10/2018 08:16

Do you want more? I have loads!

Frenchie85 · 20/10/2018 08:18

We do an alphabet game - choose a theme (animals, household things, etc) and go round in turn - have to name something from that theme going through the alphabet. So person 1 will be A, person 2 B and so on.

drained1 · 20/10/2018 09:16

All these ideas are great. I've just had a baby and sleep deprived and my mind was totally blank!

@tumericmasala this is what she really wanted to do this year so 🤷🏻‍♀️

OP posts:
BikeRunSki · 20/10/2018 09:19

Kim’s Game
(Put 20 random objects in the middle of the table, get them to look at them for s minute, cover them up and see how many the children can remember).

Annandale · 20/10/2018 09:21

Kim's game. You need a tray full of random objects, as mixed up as possible (maybe 10), and a tea towel. No prizes.

Give the kids 30 seconds to look at the tray, then cover with the tea towel and take it away. Remove one object in secret. Show the tray and see who can guess what has gone. In the samd way keep removing one object at a time until there are only two left.

GetTheGoodLookingGuy · 20/10/2018 09:52
  1. You take it in turns saying one, two or three numbers, going around the circle, counting up. So the first person might say 1,2 the second mights say 3,4, 5 and the third might say 6, and so on. If you say 21 you're out. My Y4s love this when we're waiting for their turn at swimming. In one memorable game last year, a girl in my class and I developed an alience whereby for about 4 rounds in a row, it would come to her to say either 18, 19 or just 19, leaving me to say 20 and get the next person out. Until she threw me under the bus and got me out!
Heratnumber7 · 20/10/2018 11:01

Do you know Fizz? Or Fizz Buzz?

Or "I went shopping and I bought a..."

Or Chinese Whispers?

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