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Child cries when I collect from nursery!

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stressedtiredbuthappy · 18/10/2018 22:18

Aibu to be upset by this???
Two days running my child has screamed and cried when I've collected her from nursery. It's really awful, she absolutely refuses to leave with me and I have to carry her out kicking and screaming.

She has been going just 2 days a week since she was 11 months, always ok there, until she turned 2 when she used to cling to me and cry on drop off(they have a little window you can peep through and she had stopped crying literally 2 minutes after I left)
Always happily playing when I collect her but drops whatever she's doing the minute I walk through the door and runs over to give me a huge hug.

Has anyone experienced this? Why might she be doing this?

Thanks for any help, she is now 2 1/2

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GreenLantern53 · 18/10/2018 22:22

Had this with dd but she was 5 (although has asd) I honestly thought the school was gonna get concerned. she would scream and cry when i picked her up and refuse to leave. it went on for a while. never got to the bottom of it as shes got limited communication.

GreenLantern53 · 18/10/2018 22:23

but yeh it made me feel really awful.

Knittingteapot · 18/10/2018 22:24

Sometimes kids seem to get upset when you reappear because they realise we were gone, and they missed us. I'd take it as a good sign that she obviously loves the nursery.

stressedtiredbuthappy · 18/10/2018 22:25

Thanks she's been going for 18 months, she usually can't wait to run up and hug me but the last two pick ups have been awful!

OP posts:
WorraLiberty · 18/10/2018 22:27

My youngest DS used to do this after playgroup when he was about 2.5yrs old, although it was the sort of group where you stayed with them.

Me and DH used to drag him kicking and screaming "NOOOOO!" all down the road. We were scared stiff someone would think we abducted him Blush

CountFosco · 18/10/2018 22:28

I have 3 kids all at school now but they have all cried when I've picked them up from nursery at some point. I think they are tired at the end of the day and the emotions can come out in different ways.

lalalalyra · 18/10/2018 22:32

Mine did this when I collected her from the childminder. Full on "Noooo Mummy! Go away Mummy!" One time she actually put her little hands against the door when the CM went to open it while yelling at me "not yet Mummy!"

She also used to pretend not to see or hear me if I got in the front door without her knowing. She'd either look at the toy in her hands or she'd shuffle around until she had her back to me.

It didn't last, and it won't with your lo either.

Lonecatwithkitten · 18/10/2018 22:36

DD did it she was having too much fun and didn't want to go home. First I pretended to walk to the door, then the gate, then the car and finally one day the most senior nursery nurse said 'you are going to have to it leave, don't worry I am here, just get in the car drive out, turn round and come back. You have to carry through what you are saying you will do.'
After that day whenever I got there DD happily said bye to her friends and came home. She was 4. She does even remember it now- she is 14 a happy, independent girl.

MadeForThis · 18/10/2018 22:39

Once had to bribe dd with chocolate to come home with me. She was having to much fun to come home with boring mummy.

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