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Advice needed please!

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1234Lucy567 · 16/10/2018 07:58

I hate all the wasted plastic from toys that are often used for a little bit and then discarded, whilst I live in a tiny flat where excess toys cause so much clutter!! I am considering starting a subscription service that delivers toys monthly, collecting the old ones when the new ones are brought. Is this just a problem I face or would others be interested in something like this?! Thanks so much for any feedback :) xx L

OP posts:
ZoeWashburne · 16/10/2018 08:03

This is already a service. There are several companies that do monthly box subscriptions/ toy rental. Just google it.

It would be hard to compete with established companies if your idea isn't new- which this one isn't.

You have to think why your company is different.

ShartGoblin · 16/10/2018 09:08

Looks like there are a lot out there that focus on crafts, dressing up, lego and alike. All pretty much what you'd expect from a toy subscription. What about targeting the children that are always missed? ASD, Blind, Dyspraxia etc. it can be such a struggle finding suitable toys and expensive!

1234Lucy567 · 16/10/2018 12:06

Hi Zoe Washburn,

Thanks for your reply. In the UK I can only find one firm that does toy rentals on a subscription basis from toddler upwards. Which ones are you referring to please?

OP posts:
1234Lucy567 · 16/10/2018 12:09

ShartGoblin thank you so much that is a great idea! Definitely something I am going to think about researching more. It sounds like you have had some experience in this area. If you could have more specialist toys delivered each month how much roughly would you be willing to pay for such a service please? Thanks again!! Xx

OP posts:
ZoeWashburne · 17/10/2018 17:29

I'm in the UK, too. If you google toy rental or toy subscription box several options pop up. I know some people who were given subscriptions as baby presents.

You just need to make yourself different then all the other established companies.

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