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Being annoyed at people for giving career advice

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Rezie · 15/10/2018 18:04

I recently graduated from university and people keep giving me advice on job hunting. I have a job, it's not amazing but it is decent job in my own field. I have no intention of staying there for too long, but I'm not in a desperate need to change. My family knows this and won't stop with "helping". They keep listing (well known) internet sites that has jobs and telling me how linked in would be a good place (I'm on it, and we are connected). Telling me what type of work would be good, suggesting career paths etc. They also keep suggesting on moving to bigger cities where there are better jobs since there is nothing keeping me in this town. Can't I want to live here and not move to the bigger more expensive city?

I don't complain about my work too much, I haven't mentioned looking for jobs other than occationally taking a look, I'm fully aware of huge job search websites, I have my linked in upto date. I'm happy to get advice from people when I ask for it or if I was unemployed or not getting interviews. Do we all really have to aspire to get a big well paid job? It is getting very annoying eventhough I know they mean well. They will stop if I really rudely interrupt but argh.

This was just a vent but feeling annoyed for this. Anyone else?

OP posts:
Aquamarine1029 · 15/10/2018 18:09

Do you live at their home? If so, it's time to move out.

SadEgg · 15/10/2018 18:14

I have been there. It is frustrating. Perhaps just look really bored and yawn and eventually they may get the hint?

Rezie · 15/10/2018 18:25

I was about to say that I don't live at home, but I guss technically I do since I had to move back for a few weeks in between flats. I've lived at my parents for a week and will be moving to my new place in 2 weeks. So no, in general I don't live at parents and haven't for a long time. Everyone giving the advice have their own places.

Last time "I know how to use google" helped. They don't thankfully do this every day or every meeting, but often enough to be annoyed. It comes from a place of caring, but I really just don't get it since I am employed and not struggling. I think especially people saying about moving annoyed me. Like owning property or being married is the only reason why someone can't be attached to a place or should be willing to just pack up where ever due to work.

OP posts:
DeadGood · 15/10/2018 18:27

Can’t you stare blankly at them and say “but I have a job”?

Aaaahfuck · 15/10/2018 18:50

I remember the unsolicited advice when I graduated. Mainly from older generations who had little experience of today's job market. It really made me angry! I found saying I was doing the things they suggested made little difference unfortunately. I think pp's suggestion of saying but I have a job is a good idea.

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