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Signed off work.

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BellaFreckle1 · 15/10/2018 15:13

Hi ladies,

I've just been signed off work with depression and anxiety. I have a 2 week sick line. I'm 22, working in Finance and I'm the youngest in the office by a mile. I've been taking Sertraline since August and the initial side effects were really bad, I took 2 days off work at the time but in hindsight I needed more time off. I've now been prescribed Propranolol 3X daily. My manager and supervisor are aware.

My team is small, there are 4 of us including the manager and supervisor. Although we are in a big office, the office is split into teams. My manager has not been supportive and has been piling the pressure on me along with my supervisor. My manager is a 47 yr old misogynistic male and my supervisor is a 47 yr old power hungry, egomaniac female (she threw me under the bus to get her fake supervisor promotion a few months back). I get the impression that they think my depression and anxiety are an excuse to not want to work despite this being the first time I've ever had a sick line in my life (bar Shingles when I was 9!!!) I left school at 15 and have been in full time work ever since. I have no qualifications but somehow managed to work my way into a pretty decent job. I am also about to start an OU degree in Forensic Psychology. The last thing I want is to sit around watching daytime TV and having no routine but at the minute, that's exactly what I need. It's been a really tough year for me, my mum has addiction issues and was in prison for a few months, my dad isn't around (he died when I was 6) and my mental health has been really poor.

So, now that you've got some background ... I emailed my manager yesterday to let him know I've been signed off etc. and I even apologised for having to do this but explained I had no choice. I also copied in our director who is my managers senior, the director emailed me back today from his family holiday to wish me well and to thank me for letting them know. My manager didn't email me and instead text me with no mention of how I'm doing but instead wanted to know my PC login details to access my PC (this is against our company policy) and he also was piling the pressure on for me to complete a work task from home. I accept the work task should have been done but I have been signed off??!!! Surely I should not be expected to work from home when I am off sick? I have been really stressed out about this all day. Work has been a massive part of my anxiety over the past couple of months and I really just need a break from the stress. Am I being unreasonable or am I correct in thinking its unacceptable for my manager to contact me requesting work be completed from home while i'm signed off for mental health related issues?

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BellaFreckle1 · 15/10/2018 19:15

Thanks, I will remove the screen shot. Can you let me know how to remove please? I am new to mumsnet and I don't know how to/

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letsgetreadytosamba · 15/10/2018 19:17

You have to report the post to mn and ask them to take it down.

PP is right though, you need a new job.

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