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Cyclist killed by hunting party in France

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Thatdontimpressmemuch · 14/10/2018 23:41

How on earth did this happen?

According to reports, the cyclist was wearing a brightly coloured helmet and could not have been mistaken for game.

OP posts:
Aquamarine1029 · 14/10/2018 23:48

Because the hunter was reckless and negligent. They should be charged with the victim's death.

Aintnothingbutaheartache · 14/10/2018 23:59

It’s a terrible tragedy that could have been avoided if total dicks weren’t allowed to pretend to be ‘hunters’ and go out to shoot animals for fun.
They don’t need to ‘hunt’ for food, to live, like many people around the world.
It’s a bloody (yes pun intended) ‘sport’ that shouldn’t exist but if it MUST should have tighter regulations and laws.
That poor guy was having a bike ride ffs and some total arseole mistakes him for an animal!.! How many animals wear fluorescent colours and lycra?
I’m really upset about this.
It’s about time we got a fucking grip on things here and stop fucking idiots being allowed to go out and wreak carnage on the wildlife and of course.......whooops!

RedneckStumpy · 15/10/2018 00:10

I am British living in the USA. I am a hunter. We are counting down to deer season at the moment.

We hunt deer, duck and turkey, for the meat. I don’t enjoy the killing aspect but it is what it is. I hunt deer with a marlin .45-70 mostly in a static location.

If they shot a cyclist, they were too close to a road, and not aware of their surroundings.

acivilcontract · 15/10/2018 00:13

I think the cyclist was mountain biking on a little known path. It was a case of shoot first ask questions afterwards.

Aintnothingbutaheartache · 15/10/2018 00:14

Redneck you must enjoy it to do it surely, otherwise why not just go to the supermarket?

AlphaBravo · 15/10/2018 00:16

The hunter was 20 and probably fired as a joke, thinking he'd miss or the gun wouldn't go off. He's in hospital himself with shock which tells me he was a kid pratting around rather than a seasoned hunter.

RedneckStumpy · 15/10/2018 00:18


I enjoy the hunt not the kill. I love spending days out in the woods tracking the deer, figuring out their daily routine. Then deciding where to set up.

The kill is the requirement I order to put me meat in the freezer.

trumptrump · 15/10/2018 00:19


I have much sympathy. How awful for you to be forced to torture and kill innocent animals. I presume someone is forcing you into it?

But I have much more sympathy for the innocent animals you murder.

Aintnothingbutaheartache · 15/10/2018 00:19

Well Alpha if that’s the case it makes it even worse!

RedneckStumpy · 15/10/2018 00:19


No one fired as a joke, it doesn’t happen. He was young, excited and inexperienced. He would have shot at the movement without identifying the target

RedneckStumpy · 15/10/2018 00:23


I am not forced, If you eat meat you should be prepared to take a life of a animal. It’s part of the process.

We can disagree and that’s ok.

Aquamarine1029 · 15/10/2018 00:24

@trumptrump Your soapbox is growing weary from the weight of your hypocrisy.

Aintnothingbutaheartache · 15/10/2018 00:25

So can’t you just track them then take a selfie or something?
I just can’t get my head around the fact that people go out with firearms with the intent of killing animals for sport (ok.....yeah, yeah, you do them ‘honour’ of eating them) and some poor innocent bloke gets shot because there clearly aren’t sufficient regs surrounding this barbaric hobby?

AdaColeman · 15/10/2018 00:33

At least five people are killed by mistake by hunters in France each year.
Part of the problem is that having some alcohol as part of the social hunting event means people get careless and accidents happen.

Aintnothingbutaheartache · 15/10/2018 00:33

if you eat meat you should be prepared to take the life of an animal
Are you yanking my chain here or what?!
You go out hunting because you enjoy it.
“I don’t enjoy the kill” bollocks
You love everything about it.
Yes I eat meat, I pay the butcher conscience money (bad joke) but if I had to hunt for my own food I can guarantee I would be a vegetarian in an instant.
That’s really not what this is about . The point is that the poor guy that was shot in France was the victim of absolute lunacy when it comes to firearms and so called ‘sport’
It should never have happened!
Of course now you are in the USA I imagine you have a totally different attitude to guns?

RedneckStumpy · 15/10/2018 00:34

We could take a picture of them I have quite a few pictures.

We are working towards a lifestyle where we are removing ourselves from society and becoming self reliant and living off grid. We are not quite there yet but if we are going to be self sufficient we we need to hunt, fish and grow our own food.

ThisIsTheFirstStep · 15/10/2018 00:35

aint an animal living free and then shot has had a far better life than anything you bought in the butcher.

RedneckStumpy · 15/10/2018 00:36

No my attitude to guns has not changed I still have the same views as I did in the UK

Aintnothingbutaheartache · 15/10/2018 00:36

Good point Ada a few bevies and a lethal weapon is not going to end well

acivilcontract · 15/10/2018 00:36

I eat meat, I don't have a problem with people who know what they doing shooting their own meat. People who don't take the time to
Differentiate between a deer and a cyclist deserve the full weight of the law to land on them.

MicroManaged · 15/10/2018 00:37

Does no one read the same news I do?

I've read a few articles about this and all say the same thing - that it was a terrible, freak accident.

A quiet woodland and early morning. Not only did the bullet go through the actual deer, it then ricocheted off a tree at an angle and hit the cyclist.

It's really unpleasant how people seem to jump on the bandwagon about how the guy must have been fucking around because he's only young or must have been negligent.

As well as the poor cyclist, I feel for the guy that did it, I bet he's beside himself.

TheFrendo · 15/10/2018 00:38

The beeb says 'it was a popular mountain bike track'.

Poor sod.

Aintnothingbutaheartache · 15/10/2018 00:43

ok I get that you want to remove yourself from society and get off the grid (good luck btw) but getting back to the poor guy who lost his life here, do you not think that perhaps laws and regs need to be tightened up a little so that this sort of accident doesn’t happen?
Why was an inexperienced 20 yr old allowed to fire off a deadly weapon?

SheGotBetteDavisEyes · 15/10/2018 00:48

I've read a few articles about this and all say the same thing - that it was a terrible, freak accident. A quiet woodland and early morning. Not only did the bullet go through the actual deer, it then ricocheted off a tree at an angle and hit the cyclist

Blimey. To be fair, I haven't seen this version of events reported anywhere - I've read that the hunter mistook the cyclist for a wild boar.

Either way, poor guy.

Thatdontimpressmemuch · 15/10/2018 00:48


You’re about 2 years behind. The incident you’re referring to happened in Poland in 2016

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