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To be really missing my tv?

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honeyzebra · 14/10/2018 18:12

I won’t get another until the end of the month when I get paid.

The house is SO quiet and while I never thought of myself as a big TV watcher I am finding it almost eerie.

I want my TV back

OP posts:
TulipsInBloom1 · 14/10/2018 18:14

If you have a smartphone, download Podbean, a free podcast app. Can recommend some great podcasts to put a bit of noise back into the house.

Aprilsinparis · 14/10/2018 18:28

I know what you mean, I think it's just nice to have a bit of background noise, and see other people you really don't need to communicate with if you're not in the mood.

honeyzebra · 14/10/2018 19:08

I feel a bit cut off as well with people watching programmes I can’t!

OP posts:
MrsStrowman · 15/10/2018 10:41

Have you tried radio 4? I have it on at home and in the car, some programmes I wouldn't choose from the schedule turn out to be really interesting and there are regulars I listen to all the time. The app is free and you can listen live or choose things to catch up on. In all honesty I'm a radio 4 addict these days, but I started just as background noise when I was 18 and in a student house with only one TV and I've never watched the soaps and things lots of others like to watch.

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