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Wanting more

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Lozxx · 14/10/2018 16:24

Basically the title says it all but I just wondered how many of you want more for your life? Like what do you do to change it if you do?
I feel like I'm stuck and keep thinking there surely is more to life. I go through these stages but I feel quite serious about it this time. I need to make big life decisions and it's scary.

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John4703 · 14/10/2018 16:49

In my life now spanning 71 years (I hate to admit that)
I've left home after a huge argument with my parents and so slept on the streets for a few weeks.
I've moved 400 miles to go to college.
I've got married because I wanted to be married
I've got divorced.
I've got married because I love her so much there is no other option for us
I've got upset and cried when my wife had cancer
I've got angry and together with my wife decided that cancer has no chance and we will win.

OP never give in, keep the dream alive, change what needs to be changed and enjoy

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