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AIBU to wish my family cared more?

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Booklovingmummy · 13/10/2018 19:41

My family and I have never been especially close. They never, ever contact me first and I can count the amount of times they've been to visit in the past 10 years on one hand. I was hoping once my son was born they'd care more or try more but it's just the same as ever. It hurt enough when it was just me that seemed unbothered with, but it hurts even more that they don't seem bothered with my son. He's almost two now.

OP posts:
DancingForTheDog · 13/10/2018 22:55

Hey OP, that must be so hurtful. Sadly, they will never change so you need to lower your expectations. I know this is easier said than done (I've been through it myself) but once you accept that things are never going to be as you would like, honestly it's like a cloud is lifted. I view my close friends as my family and put my energies into those relationships. It sucks but you have to rise above it Flowers

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