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To ask if anyone here has Dyspraxia?

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Stoppedat1 · 12/10/2018 03:48

I've always been clumsy and had some inattentive ADD type traits (not hyperactivity) and lots and lots of issues over the years. I'm a mature student and the distractibility and being unable to follow through on things is really affecting my studies and I've been doing some googling. I've just come across a website that details the symptoms of dyspraxia and burst into tears because a lightbulb has come on. It fits me too a tee.

How do I go about getting assessed please does anyone know? I don't know if there are any adjustments available that would help? Tbh it would probably be enough to know I'm not just shit at getting anything done, there's a reason for it.

Sorry for the jumbled post. I don't really know where my head is at atm.


OP posts:
Haberpop · 12/10/2018 04:05

I don't have dyspraxia but my son does, I think a good place to start would be to speak to your GP and to the learning support department at tour college. There is support that can be put in place and adjustments that can be made. Good luck Flowers

Underpressureidiot · 12/10/2018 06:47

I have it. You need to contact an educational psychologist, that’s how I got my original diagnosis and then my statement for support at university

donajimena · 12/10/2018 06:49

I might have it. My GP thinks I do. Unfortunately it would cost me 700 for an assessment. I'm also in uni.

Stoppedat1 · 12/10/2018 07:31

Bugger. I suspected private would probably be the only option. Can't afford an assessment atm because we are saving for DD's ASD assessment (docs don't believe us).

I'll speak to uni anyway because they may have some advice too.

Thank you both for your replies Smile

OP posts:
WerewolfNumber1 · 12/10/2018 08:00

Yes I do :)

In a way this is the best time for you to realise this might fit, because most universities have pretty good support and a lot of them will pay for assessments to get confirmation and advise on what adjustments you may need.

Do you have a pastoral tutor? I’d speak to them in the first instance, they’ll be able to signpost you to the right services.

I’d actually start there rather than with the GP.

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