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GreenLantern53 · 11/10/2018 16:25

I ordered some food from uber eats today at 2pm. The restaurant estimate was 15-25 minutes. when I placed the order it came up as 2.36 due to be delivered. which was abit annoying but thought it would be ok. at around 2.20 I checked again and the time had moved to 2.46 again annoying but what could I do. A while later I checked for an update and it had changed to 3.12!! I had to pick my kids up from achool at 3.25 an hour and a half AFTER ordering which obviously it estimated 15-25 minutes, so it should have arrived long before. At this point I call uber eats to cancel. Uber eats say I can cancel after explaining the situation.

I leave my house to pick up my kids and get a phone call, this is 3.20 as Im walking to the school. Its the delivery guy saying he is at my address. I told him I had cancelled and he told me that no one had told him. After that I get a call from ubereats with one of the most rudest people I have spoken to she said “look im telling you now if you cancel this order you are going to be charged” she denied my other phone call and told me that it didnt happen! aibu to think this isnt right?

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GreenLantern53 · 11/10/2018 16:48

anyone?? can I claim the money back off my bank?

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