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To ask what erotic fiction you're into?

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Mackymacmacface · 11/10/2018 14:00

Quite fancy getting into light erotic fiction. Ideas (names of books and authors) please! No need to suggest Mills & Boon - not my style.

Looking forward to seeing your suggestions.

OP posts:
AuntBeastie · 11/10/2018 14:10

Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson is gorgeously erotic and really beautifully written.

Jilly Cooper is very good fun, plenty of luscious naked rambling in hedgerows.

Call me by your name - not for everyone; it is very explicit about some quite unorthodox sexual practices. But it is also the most beautiful portrait of longing and intimacy.

Anything by Sarah Waters, especially Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith. Both gorgeously erotic and with good plots.

Stardust91 · 11/10/2018 14:21

Not 100% sure but i would say maybe Maya Banks falls into that category. I have only read one of her book series (She has quite a few). The one i read was the Colter's Legacy Series, but i would say that those are not for everyone and you need an open mind! Maybe have a look at her other books and see if the plot sparks an interest.

Casperandjasper · 11/10/2018 14:33


Sylvia Day - Crossfire series - Bared To You, Reflected In You etc

Sierra Simone - American Prince, American Queen, American King

Also, try authors: Sam Mariano, RK Lilley, Laurelin Paige, Vi Keeland, Meghan March, Kristen Ashley et al

Search for the above authors and follow category links for lots more options.

isseywithcats · 11/10/2018 14:36

Delta of Venus by Anais Anais, short stories that are very erotic

StableGenius · 11/10/2018 14:40

Tricky question to answer because everyone has their own idea of what's erotic.

Personally I like it well-written without being self-consciously 'literary', with interesting characters. Explicit without being vulgar. Doesn't have to be super-romantic, but if it is, that's fine.

With these criteria in mind I like Kristina Lloyd, Charlotte Stein, Justine Elyot, Janine Ashbless.

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