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..yes definitely! But DH is driving me crazy!

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FinallyATea · 10/10/2018 21:38

He had a bad cold. 3 days off work last week, slow recovery over weekend and back to work Monday. He did seem poorly so I don't begrudge the time off which he deserved and needed.

He has now given DS2 and me the cold.

My cold isn't as bad as his was, but I'm feeling pretty rotten. I have been up til 12 or 1am last 3 nights (with my cold last 2 nights), working on computer for work after kids in bed, with a total of around 5 hrs sleep each of those nights and getting up to see to DCs when they wake (at 5-6, last few mornings).

Today I was up at 6am, sorted DCs, for their breakfast, helped them get dressed, cycled them 3 miles to school, cycled home got car, drive 1.5 hours to work, full day, drove 1.5hours home. Cooked dinner for kids and mum (who had kindly picked DCs up from school and looked after them til I was home), read stories, bath for DCs, put to bed, wash up, wash school clothes by hand (as washing machine broken), and now it's 9:30.

DH got up 7:15, went to work 8, back at 8:30. No childcare help. Since being back (and all night for last 6 nights), he's been huffing and puffing and coughing (loudly with huffing and puffing and sighing) and making a general commotion about how poorly he is.

It's the huffing and puffing and loud coughing (it really needn't be that loud) hat is driving me nuts!!

Yes - I know you have a cold, but can you just try coughing and spluttering a bit quieter and not making such a song and dance about it!! I'm ill too!! (Thanks to you!) and I'm just getting on with it......Angry (and do you haaaaaave to blow your nose and cough and splutter at 10 decibels volume and moan and complain and huff and puff at 2am to wake me up???)


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FinallyATea · 10/10/2018 21:39

Ps lighter hearted! I love him really and he is a 'D' H (most of the time!!Wink)

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babybrain77 · 10/10/2018 21:47

But didn't you know, his cold is 1000x worse than yours?!

FinallyATea · 10/10/2018 22:11

! Apparently si babybrain, but enough with the (extra loins, exaggerated, huffy) coughing pleeeeeeaaaase!

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FinallyATea · 10/10/2018 22:12
  • apparently so
  • loud! (Not loins!)
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Shoxfordian · 10/10/2018 22:16

Mm really light hearted. He's not doing childcare, it's called parenting and he's not doing that at all. Aren't you feeling ill? Wouldn't you like an early night ?

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