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Work from home jobs

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whatdoido33 · 09/10/2018 14:56

AIBU to ask what you do to work from home?

My daughter was born prem and had lots of problems, she's 5 months old now and has lots of hospital appointments, physio, community nurses etc come out and see her. She has hydrocephalus and suspected cerebral palsy so unsure how much help and time she will need in the future.

I was due to go back to work in January but with DD condition I want to spend as much time with her as possible but I'm just so bored!

She's a good baby, only cries for milk and doesn't require much attention so I feel like I should be using my spare time to do something constructive?

Any suggestions? Thanks x

OP posts:
PeonyBlooms · 09/10/2018 15:28

I'm a freelance writer. I earn a full-time wage working part-time, and I'm not even a particularly great writer. It took me about a year to build up enough clients to make a decent income, but it's definitely something you can be successful with, even just in your spare time.

girlgrower · 09/10/2018 15:29

How do you go about getting into that @PeonyBlooms? Sorry to jump in OP!

PeonyBlooms · 09/10/2018 15:31

I started out bidding for projects on PeoplePerHour. They weren't particularly lucrative, but I built up a portfolio and lots of reviews, and that helped me to pick up a handful of regular clients.

girlgrower · 09/10/2018 17:24

Thank you!

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