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To ask if anyone has learnt to play the piano as an adult?

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belfastbosoms · 08/10/2018 23:36

Dd has just started piano lessons at school. We've got an electric keyboard at the mo. Will upgrade to something better if it looks like she's going to stick at it.
But, I'm getting a bit addicted myself! I can't read music or play any instrument. I had a brief flirtation with a flute when I was about 9, but that's it. I'm now watching DD practise, and am practising what she's practising (though clearly could be getting it spectacularly wrong as there's no teacher here). I can also play the melody of lots of tunes which I'm really enjoying. Earlier I was going through a mental list of Beatles and Leonard Cohen! But, it's basic one handed stuff so I'm aware that it is no way "playing a piano". So, should I take myself off to lessons? How long would it take me to get vaguely competent? Am I past it at 45?! I love the idea of it, but I know how much commitment is involved so think maybe it's ridiculous as I'll lose patience and it'll just fall by the wayside. Or, is it an excellent opportunity for a fun hobby?

OP posts:
belfastbosoms · 09/10/2018 15:07

Anyone? Smile

OP posts:
Autumndayswhenthegrassisjewel · 09/10/2018 15:09

No, but as a teacher I teach many adult beginners. Go for it!

FilthyforFirth · 09/10/2018 15:10

Interested as I am the same! Would love to learn, but cant read music and at 33 wondering if I've left it too late.

Also wondering how expensive it is? My DS is only 1 at the moment, but definitely intending on getting him lessons!

Frogscotch7 · 09/10/2018 15:11

Excellent opportunity - go find a nice teacher! I currently have a beginner in her 70s and we have great fun.

Nacknick · 09/10/2018 15:13

I'm learning now and I'm 52! Started a couple of years ago when I realised the piano teacher had a free slot at the same time as my son's guitar lesson. It seemed a much better way to spend the time Grin

I LOVE it - I can't say I'm always that diligent at practising but I've definitely made progress and love doing something so different to everything else during the week. It's also apparently really good for your brain.

Go for it - I can't recommend more highly!!

Saffzy · 09/10/2018 15:17

I really want to start learning too! I had a keyboard when I was younger and recently been watching so many piano YouTube videos and tutorials so might have a go at teaching myself as can’t afford lessons.

AGirlinLondon · 09/10/2018 15:20

OF COURSE YOU CAN! And if you’re picking out melodies by ear sounds like you have a natural inclination for it!

Cheeseandapple · 09/10/2018 15:22

Go for it OP such a good idea! I had lessons as a kid but didn't get beyond basics and keep planning on starting. Does anyone know how to find a local teacher?

Autumndayswhenthegrassisjewel · 09/10/2018 15:31

Most of my beginners were in their 70s so you're definitely not too old! It is expensive though so work out if you have time to commit. I have shared out parent /daughter lesson before as a trial to see if parent likes it before committing. Price wise anywhere between £10-16per half hour depending on your area. Good luck!

NotUmbongoUnchained · 09/10/2018 15:33

Yep! My husband is a classically trained pianist and was really annoyed that he so much better than me so I had lessons Grin
I did already play a bit, but the lessons have definitely improved!

Haireverywhere · 09/10/2018 15:35

Great replies OP go for it.

I am encouraged now as well. My family are all musical except me and I thought I'd left it too late too!

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