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to be a bit miffed with childminder????

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mosschops30 · 13/06/2007 16:28

today she tells me that it would be better if I can put ds in a nursery close to her so she can pick up and drop off. Now thats fair enough you might think but she did tell me originally that she would do it at my chosen nursery, and then she took on two new mindees who will be going to the same primary and nursery as ds so it all worked out quite nicely.
However now these two mindees are going to her local nursery because their gran is the head mistress and she has basically told me that if I cant get ds in there then she will no longer be able to mind him

I'm a bit pissed off TBH .... AIBU?

OP posts:

newgirl · 13/06/2007 16:52

yes that is annoying

i guess life is quite complicated for childminders though, so she is probably trying to do the most logical thing.

At the end of the day, she can give you notice, so I guess she is trying to give you an option before she does

unless you have a written contract that makes life very tricky for her, i think you are stuck with it - not unreasonable to be pissed off, but stuck anyway!


pointydog · 13/06/2007 17:01

That is annoying. Will ds still go to same primary? Might not be such bad news perhaps


fireflyfairy2 · 13/06/2007 17:04

My c/minder told me that she could pick dd up from her school & take her to her after schools club. [the c/minder is ds's]

2 weeks before the term started she told me she couldn't do it as her son is out at the same time at a different school.

Why hadn't she thought of that at the time???

I had to run about looking for someone else who could pick up dd & drop her at her club, luckily a mum from school could do it for me.

She is being unreasonable I think. She shouldn't have said it was ok if it might not be!!


Sixofone · 13/06/2007 19:19

YANBU to be pissed. The problem is that childminders can pick and choose.

If I was her, even if I had promised you I'd do a certain nursery run, if what my other mindees were doing was completely different I wouldn't really want to go and pick your ds up either because I would class it as 'extra hassle that I don't really need'.

You could turn this around to your advantage - there may be a positive in this. If you were to send your ds to the nearer nursery and make it known that your ds is chummy with the head teacher's grandchildren, you'll be guaranteed he'll get looked after well.

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