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To feel like this is not enough

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caroline161 · 06/10/2018 17:55

So this little boy watching man city in an internet cafe in Indonesia is pulled out of the rubble after the earthquake. Man city player mahrez then does a little video for him and says he will send him a shirt. Little boy overwhelmed. I just feel that with all the wealth of Man city they can do better than that. Can't they ?

OP posts:

Racecardriver · 06/10/2018 22:59

*adopt and annual


MardyArabella · 06/10/2018 23:03

How do you know this boy needs his life changing so badly? just because he’s Indonesian...


Mulberry72 · 06/10/2018 23:52

Well they do really, making donations raises awareness, and then more people give

And they get slagged off for it “not being enough” by people who actually have no idea what they’re doing behind closed doors. They can’t win whatever they do! Better to just carry on quietly making a difference behind the scenes IMO rather than making a big fuss.


SpitefulMidLifeAnimal · 07/10/2018 00:07

How on earth do you know he hasn't donated any money? As a practising Muslim, it is likely that Mahrez gives significant amounts to charity without expecting a fanfair of praise for it.


pigeondujour · 07/10/2018 03:26

Do you ever let knowing literally nothing about what you're talking about stop you from broadcasting your half baked opinions, or is it a special treat you save for when talking about footballers?


fieryginger · 07/10/2018 03:34

I thought the same op. When I saw the little chaps lip wobble at his message, mine wobbled a little too.


araiwa · 07/10/2018 04:17

Its very easy to be more generous with someoneelses money ey op?


marcopront · 07/10/2018 06:00

Was this boy the only person in Indonesia watching the game? I would be very surprised if they aren't other children who were watching their favourite player at the time.


caroline161 · 07/10/2018 06:11

And that's exactly why I asked because I wasn't sure if I was being unreasonable or not. I agree with everything you are all saying but like some of the other posters I just couldn't help feeling that something wasn't quite right about it. And as I said before I'm delighted he got a shirt and a video. I just thought it was a little but lacking and to be fair one can only base opinions on what we do know and not what may or may not have happened behind the scenes.

OP posts:

VladmirsPoutine · 07/10/2018 08:19

Yanbu. I bloody hate this prevalent type of obtuse sanctimony oft seen on MN..."Well what about other children?" "I'm sure he wasn't the only child watching the match" etc etc. It's just so tedious.

For example, there are countless worthy charities and causes but I happen to donate to the ones that I have a specific, particular connection to. That is not to say that the ones I donate to are above all the other causes. It is a simple case of dealing with the circumstances that one has been presented with.

So whilst I'm sure that there are countless children that could do with a leg-up out of poverty and various dire circumstances, this footballer could have gone a tiny bit further than a bloody shirt and a video. And no, I don't for a second believe that the club or the player might have made a donation but kept quiet about it but are happy to parade the fact that they're going to send him a shirt and a video. FFS!


SleepingStandingUp · 07/10/2018 10:29

This fixation on changing lives is coming across as a bit western supremacist
How do you know this boy needs his life changing so badly? just because he’s Indonesian...
Tbf I don't think anyone is saying he or anyone around him need help because they're Indonesian but because a huge Earthquake and Tsunami has caused widespread devastation and now possibly the volcano too (behind on the news) in the same way that money made a huge difference to people's lives after Hurricane Katrina irrespective of their home land

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