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AIBU to think my baby is a bit unusual?

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Teachtolive · 06/10/2018 12:39

Dd2 is nearly one. She can pull herself up but doesn't walk, she babbled but doesn't talk. But the thing that I'm finding weird is that she seems to have sensory issues. Hates getting dressed or undressed, hates to have her face washed (Although doesn't mind the bath at all). For both of these she will wail like I'm hurting her (im very careful to be gentle.) The strangest thing though is she seems to like to bite material! If I'm cuddling her to sleep she chews my jumper. She has a teddy with a fluffy tail and she loves to pull it between her teeth and lick it. She'll grab a handful of my hair and try to stuff it in her mouth! Is this normal?? Her older sister did nothing like this.

OP posts:
NorthernRunner · 06/10/2018 12:40

As a childminder I can say your child does not sound out the ordinary at all- but if your worried could you speak to HV?

kaytee87 · 06/10/2018 12:41

She sounds completely 'normal' to me

DragonMamma · 06/10/2018 12:41

All sounds pretty normal to me 🤷‍♀️

Toughtips · 06/10/2018 12:41

Sounds like a typical infant to me.

Not many kids like having their faces wiped.

Grabbing things and putting in her mouth are again all normal too.

Ansumpasty · 06/10/2018 12:42

Sounds normal to me? I don’t think either of mine spoke actual words before 1 and many don’t walk until later.

Babies and toddlers are constantly putting things in their mouths- my daughter ate her own poo twice at that age Confused

CryingOverSpiltMilk · 06/10/2018 12:42

Normal of all the babies I know of that age. They don't seem to be sensory issues unless you have other examples?

Fridaydreamer · 06/10/2018 12:42

Sounds like my DD.

She never crawled. Went straight to walking at 12 months. She discovered a love of her Blankie comforter and sucked it for comfort her entire life - still does at night now she’s older. Like most kids I know she hated getting dressed or having face washed yet lived the bath.

Nothing you’ve said raises red flags for me but if you’re worried speak to your HV.

kaytee87 · 06/10/2018 12:42

Honestly, I'm more surprised that your other child didn't do any of those things

AnonaMouse1 · 06/10/2018 12:44

As a mum of 5 I'd say she's nothing out of the ordinary at all op!

AlphaBravo · 06/10/2018 12:45

Sounds entirely like a normal baby. Check out development leaps and stages OP. You baby is just going through them and developing her own little personality.

Teachtolive · 06/10/2018 12:46

Ansumpatsy oh my god, thankfully she hasn't eaten poo!! Oh thanks for the quick replies. It's very reassuring. I did speak to my hv when she was 5/6 months. At that stage it was the dressing that was the problem but the hv didn't seem concerned. I might be over thinking it cos I work with people with autism and at the front if my mind is the idea that many of them have sensory issues related to clothing.

I must have just been lucky with her sister. She never ate anything she wasn't supposed to. If she came across little things on the floor she would hand them to me!

OP posts:
Thatssomebadhatharry · 06/10/2018 12:48

I’m guessing by your words you are thinking autism. However nothing you have stated indicates this on it’s own. It does seem just like baby behaviour. Does she look at your face and hold her gaze. Will she respond to her name or your voice and turn to look at you. Does she smile at you? If you are worried speak to you HV

BlessYour2Sizes2SmallHeart · 06/10/2018 12:49

That sounds normal to me as well.

From my understanding wearing clothes feels unnatural to babies and toddlers. Hence the reason many try to take them off as soon as they learn how to. So it could also be why she hates having her clothes changed.

The3Ls · 06/10/2018 12:55

I work in the ASC diagnosis fieldand also have a sibling with ASC. Unfortunately at times it makes you a little neurotic and see it everywhere. Did same with both mine! Both fine your just bring a normal parent obsessing about your child x

WaxOnFeckOff · 06/10/2018 13:01

One of mine like to suck the labels on his teddies or would pull up the sheets to chew on the labels of those, the other chewed two diagonal corners of his sheets but not the other two. All normal, one talked in sentences at just after one, the other was almost a year older. No-one likes getting their faces wiped :) Younger son fought getting his nappy changed from the day he was born - still a contrary person at 17!

Jeippinghmip · 06/10/2018 13:01

Another vote for normal!

Duskqueen · 06/10/2018 13:04

She sounds just like my DS(1) everything goes to his mouth, he doesn't wail when getting dressed and undressed, but he lets you know he isn't happy and runs off, my DS is walking, but my nephew didn't walk until he was 16 months. All kids are different and my DS, who is my second, is much more of a hand full than my daughter, we have to be super vigilant, if my DD leaves anything on the floor it goes straight into my DS mouth, especially stickers, and he chews on his favourite toy all the time.

BlankTimes · 06/10/2018 13:11
LRDtheFeministDragon · 06/10/2018 13:11

I must have just been lucky with her sister. She never ate anything she wasn't supposed to. If she came across little things on the floor she would hand them to me!

Oh, yes, you were lucky! Grin

My DD is 18 months. In the past 24 hours, off the top of my head, she's eaten (or had fished out of her mouth) the following:

  • grass
  • a dandelion head
  • cotoneaster berries (not poisonous, but not tasty)
  • a conker
  • her mum's (clean) knickers
  • a lime
  • a mouthful of my dress
  • her bath sponge
  • the bath mat
  • yukka roots
  • paint
  • polyfilla

And my fingers (fishing out several of the above), though this time she's now drawn blood. She has in the past.

Some of them are just really bitey. She loves material, always has. Her aunt and uncle got her a bag of fabric bits for her first birthday - literally a bag with a silky bit, a bit of fake suede, a bit of corduroy, a bit of net, etc., all different. She loves it and all of them have been thoroughly chewed.
Gnomesofthegalaxy · 06/10/2018 13:15

I thought all babies hated getting dressed and undressed until recently. My older 2 certainly did. My 3 month old thinks it's hilarious - I thought he was the unusual one Grin

I've had the poo eating too, from the middle child Shock

AnnieAnoniMouse · 06/10/2018 13:19

It’s DD1 that sounds unusual! She’s given you a very false idea of ‘usual’.

CookPassBabtridge · 06/10/2018 13:20

She sounds like every other little one! My DS wailed like a banshee when I got him dressed and undressed Grin


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Mehaveit · 06/10/2018 13:21

Your DD is as normal as my now 5 and 3 year old normal DDs.

RB68 · 06/10/2018 13:23

My DD now a grown teen loved fabric and had a blankie, she still loves anything soft and tactile but I have always been one to touch clothes before wearing or buying too, perfectly within the normal range as such

Everyoneiswingingit · 06/10/2018 13:24

Sounds quite normal. My DB sucked a chiffon scarf for 2 years! He's not autistic and is now a Director of a very large multinational!

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