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How to chase payment from tuition client

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WellAlwaysHaveParis · 05/10/2018 00:02

I work as a tutor, and have recently taken on a new client. We’ve now had three sessions together.

During the first session, the client asked to pay me by bank transfer, and I agreed.

After the first session, I checked my bank account and saw that the client had not transferred me payment for the session.

I then messaged the client to ask if all payment for future tuition sessions could be made within 24 hours of the tuition session taking place. I thought this was fair to ask.

For our second session, the client paid me within 24 hours of the session taking place.

We had the third session yesterday evening. I checked my bank account just now, and the client still hasn’t paid.

Obviously, it’s not the end of the world, but it’s a bit irritating that they haven’t yet paid, especially as they requested to pay by bank transfer and a bank transfer is quite quick and straightforward to do.

I won’t say anything until tomorrow morning but I will message the client to request payment. How should I approach this please? I’ve never had to chase late payments before.


OP posts:
Homemadehomes · 05/10/2018 00:04

Just say that as per your first email you understand that payment will be made within 24 hours. From now on say you will either offer sessions in bulk (you can offer a discount for this) or pre payment. If they don’t agree stop the tuition

GreenTulips · 05/10/2018 00:06

You should state
'Payment to reach X account 24 hours prior to next session, failure to receive funds will result in no tuition taking place, no notice will be given'

I would also add further non payments will result in the termination of our agreed contract.

JellieEllie · 05/10/2018 00:10

Refer to thread
"Have I upset my sons flute tutor" from earlier this evening.
It's a very very similar thread to what this will go like, just the opposite way round 😂

Zigazagazoo · 05/10/2018 00:12

I have this problem at work.
I just text them and say
‘Hi xxx have just checked bank account and can’t see payment from 4/10/18. Could you just check it’s gone through and let me know’ then if it still wasn’t paid I’d be a bit more blunt. ‘Hi xxx could I have payment ASAP please as I’m getting paperwork in order. Thanks’

Mum2OneTeen · 05/10/2018 00:14

We've been getting regular tutoring sessions for DD with two tutors.

One tutor insists on payment in advance for the term. This has worked well, and we have been able to reschedule missed sessions due to illness. Any additional sessions we pay cash for at the time of tutoring.

With the other tutor, we have been paying cash per session. This also worked well, but we did have to make a conscious effort to have the cash ready before the session.

The tutors set aside time and have to pay rent for the premises, so I think it is perfectly reasonable for a tutor to insist on payment in advance, or at the very least, payment at the time of the session.

squirrelnutkins1 · 05/10/2018 00:21

@JellieEllie I just thought the same😂

JellieEllie · 05/10/2018 00:24

Hahaha squirrel at first i thought it was a joke thread taking the piss pretending to be the actual flute tutor 😂😂

SofiaAmes · 05/10/2018 00:43

I worked for someone who had a great system. He jacked his prices up by 10% and then offered a 10% discount to anyone who paid within 2 weeks (it was a business that 30 days was normal for requesting payments). It worked much better than fining people 10% for late payment.

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