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Has anyone else NEVER purchased school photos?

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IntensiveCareBear · 04/10/2018 22:17

My eldest is 14 and I've never bought them. I just find them too expensive and I have a large family so the cost would run very high.

Part of me feels guilty and wonders if I should buy them this year.

But then I think for the cost I could hire a training photographer and have a nice little 30 min photo shoot done outdoors.

OP posts:
Disquieted1 · 04/10/2018 22:21

Don't feel bad about it. They're a bit of an expensive anomaly in the age of camera phones and instagram.

KlutzyDraconequus · 04/10/2018 22:25

They're not really worth it, you could do a good enough job yourself with a sheet and a camera phone.

They cost a lot to not be looked at.

JustGiveMeTwoMinutes · 04/10/2018 22:37

Once in 7 years for my younger two. Every year for my eldest (massive age gap) not cause I don't want to but because that's how often the pictures have looked like them

QuantumGroan · 04/10/2018 22:42

They are too expensive and the kids look awful in their school uniforms - I haven't bought one in years!

Jamiefraserskilt · 04/10/2018 22:46

I do one and the start and one at the end.

MorningsEleven · 04/10/2018 22:50

Nope. This year they want £15 but you have to print it yourself. They can bugger right off.

sophisticatedsarcasm · 04/10/2018 22:52

I buy them in nursery reception and year 6. I’ve brought a few class ones when they’ve mixed the classes up but otherwise that’s it.

helacells · 04/10/2018 22:57

Yes I've got millions and loved getting them. It's great that they offer photoshop too so kids don't feel self conscious about acne, scars, crooked teeth etc it's a rite of passage but they can be pricey. The premium package last year was $300!

CandleIit · 04/10/2018 23:03

How many times have you looked at yours and thought "thank goodness my mum/dad/career forked out for them"?

bridgetreilly · 04/10/2018 23:04

I find it bizarre that they still exist tbh. It made sense 40 years ago when cameras were still relatively rare, but no one needs them now.

And photoshopping school photos? Wow. Either you want the actual memory of how they look or you might as well download photos of some airbrushed kid off the internet.

OneEpisode · 04/10/2018 23:05

Never ever bought the photos of my kids. I have bought the class photos every year.

GreenTulips · 04/10/2018 23:07

Never have here
Group pics are often put in FB so you can screen shot a free one!

Always look awful and so expensive!

Brainfogmcfogface · 04/10/2018 23:08

Honestly I hate buying them (overpriced) but (humble brag I know!) my daughters have all been beautiful, much better then I could take. Her new ones came back today and I was hoping for 1 good one as she’d been grumpy the day they were shot, nope 4 stunning pics and I can only afford one. But in all honesty even if they are rubbish in future I’ll continue to buy because I’m a sentimental fool and seeing the difference every year is lovely (as well as a little sad).

Hellywelly10 · 04/10/2018 23:09

Never bought them. Dd always looked like she was in an overlit photobooth.

pollysproggle · 04/10/2018 23:16

I've never bought them either!
DS always looks like a right scruff

QuantumGroan · 05/10/2018 07:44

I don't like seeing kids in school uniform, so paying an extortionate amount for that memory seems ridiculous.

Girlsnightin · 05/10/2018 07:46

I've started buying the minimum size but may stop now and just get the year 6 one one.

ScarsAndAll · 05/10/2018 07:46

I actually love looking at my old school photos, some good and some bad! I really like looking back at the class ones and remembering my friends!

YeTalkShiteHen · 05/10/2018 07:47

We bought DS1s P1 and P7 ones, none in between. Plan to do the same for S1 and S6.

I’m kicking myself for forking out for DD and DS2s nursery ones, they’re really cheesy.

InstagramPork · 05/10/2018 07:49

Literally never. I take much nicer photos of my kids myself.
Our school photographer wanted £30 for a disc with 3 images to print off yourself!

Lethaldrizzle · 05/10/2018 07:50

Class ones are ok but the individual ones are usually pretty poor

tinstar · 05/10/2018 07:51

I may have bought the odd one in the early days but generally not because:

a) DH takes much better photos
b) with 3 children close in age we never seemed to get a run of 3 good school photos and it was either buy all 3 or none so as not to upset anyone!


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tinstar · 05/10/2018 07:52

Agree - class ones are great and good to look back on when you're an adult.

Strugglingtodomybest · 05/10/2018 07:52

I bought the reception year photo and then never again. Far too expensive and I'm not keen on posed photos anyway.

Ragwort · 05/10/2018 07:57

I love them Blush we actually have all the framed photos on one wall (an upstairs study, not on public display Grin) & frequently look at them. But we only have one child, otherwise it would be a lot of photos, and neither DH or I are any good at taking photos so it is good to have them. Now our DS is in sixth form and no more school pictures. I used to send them to family and (close) friends every year but perhaps that was a bit pincer looking back!

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