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To ask how you view nursery staff?

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NancyFrank · 04/10/2018 18:07

I work in a nursery and love my job. However I sometimes feel it isn't viewed as a 'good' job or there is maybe a stereotype of who works in nurseries and pre-schools ect. The money is pretty much minimum wage (for caring for and educating children in their earliest years, but that is another debate) and the hours are long but I love working with children and struggle to think of a 'better' job that would give me the same satisfaction. I get comments quite regularly on what I will do 'next' aibu to view this as a career, albeit a badly paid one with not much progression..?

OP posts:
Jengnr · 04/10/2018 18:08

The nursery staff who look after my children are an incredible bunch of women. I view them as vitally important.

lifecouldbeadream · 04/10/2018 18:10

I was incredibly grateful to the staff at both DC’s nurseries. Staff work long hours for low pay looking after the most precious things in my life. Hats off for the amount of patience shown too! Smile

insancerre · 04/10/2018 18:10

Interesting, I work in a nursery too but don't often get the feeling that I'm looked down on or that people don't consider it a proper job
Most parents think we do a bloody amazing job for not enough money which we do

glintandglide · 04/10/2018 18:12

Like family. My children have/ willl be in childcare from 6months and I wouldn’t have done it without my nuclear family of keyworkers and nursery staff. They are some of the most important people in my children’s lives. They come to birthday parties, we have play dates with their children.

Jammysod · 04/10/2018 18:12

Totally agree with jengnr! Nursery staff play a massive part in my sons life, I think they've been a big part in shaping the lovely (sometimes mischievous) little boy he is. They've taught him so much.
I had to return to work, so to know he's in such good hands is a amazing.

Treasure114 · 04/10/2018 18:12

I really admired them! I think it's a crying shame that they aren't better paid, as a lot of workers who I've known in a personal capacity have eventually moved on from nursery / preschool work as they pay has been so crap.

glintandglide · 04/10/2018 18:13

I also think a lot of parents get quite irritated at how much they pay the nursery vs how low paid the staff are, and maybe that frustration slips out sometimes.

marvellousnightforamooncup · 04/10/2018 18:13

I'm full of admiration. They do a great job and play a vital role in society. I think the same of carers. We'd be lost without them but they don't get the pay or respect they deserve.

RefuseTheLies · 04/10/2018 18:13

The staff at my dd’s nursery are practically family. My wee one is in full time. I admire them greatly and appreciate everything they do for my child. I also think they are very, very underpaid.

zzzzz · 04/10/2018 18:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Camomila · 04/10/2018 18:15

I think it's a vitally important job and its disgraceful how little its paid.

(ex early years professional, left in part due to the low wages...miss it sometimes when I drop DS off at nursery with lots of bucolic looking toddlers wandering round a massive garden and playing with the chickens)

bungaloid · 04/10/2018 18:15

I can never understand how the lovely staff at our nursery put up with my aggravating children for minimum wage. I know I wouldn't.

Thesmallthings · 04/10/2018 18:16

I work in a nursery to, and Iv seen and felt like you have op but I have also been valued.

My df has a very official respectful job with a lot of progression and hes all ways supporting me to get more levels for my job, if almost finished my 3 and hes been encouraging me to get my 5 so If I can set up my own nursery one day and thinks of it as a career even though its world apart from his.

Even if people don't think we teach the children anything theres no arguing we look after their pride and Joy's and the most important beings to them

easternedge · 04/10/2018 18:16

Amazing people. The pay and status should be on par with teachers because that is exactly what they are.

We prioritise and privilege the wrong things in society.

jarhead123 · 04/10/2018 18:17

I think it's 50/50. Half are brilliant, hard working, patient and great with children. Half I think are there because they're too dim to work elsewhere.

CatLadyToddlerMother · 04/10/2018 18:17

The ladies who work at DDs Nursery are incredibly dedicated passionate and do a job I could never do. They’re amazing in my eyes and I’d never see it as a lesser or poor job

glintandglide · 04/10/2018 18:18

There are plenty of easier places to work
If you’re dim

DSHathawayGivesMeFannyGallops · 04/10/2018 18:20

No DC yet but very much admire nursery workers as I've seen how grateful friends are for them and the bonds formed and the nursery staff amongst my acquaintances are thoughtful, dedicated professionals. I also don't think I could do it for 2 mins!

HildaZelda · 04/10/2018 18:21

Honestly? I think it's one of the hardest jobs there is and carries a huge amount of responsibility. I don't think you're paid anywhere near enough for the job you do.
My friend is a nursery nurse and I know I couldn't do it.

confusedmummy76 · 04/10/2018 18:21

I think they are brilliant and patient and played a key role when my children were at nursery.

HeartburnCentral · 04/10/2018 18:22

I view all my DC's Teachers (both nursery and main stream school) as having a very important role in my DC's education. I have no idea how much they earn.

MacosieAsunter · 04/10/2018 18:23

In my professional experience, girls (never met a lad) with low educational attainment end up working in nurseries. They generally don't stay long before having a baby of their own.


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KimoraLee · 04/10/2018 18:26

I think of nursery staff and doing a very vital job but poorly paid.

Noodledoodledoo · 04/10/2018 18:26

I view them as amazing people who are seriously undervalued in society. It is such an important role to have, along with childminders and nannies, but get paid so poorly.

I love all the ladies and gents that have worked with my two at nursery - my kids adore them as well.

Huge respect for them as it is not a job I could do, I am much happy working with teenagers at the other end!!

KimoraLee · 04/10/2018 18:26

'as doing'

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