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To feel guilty for taking baby on holidays

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Whatswrongwithme1 · 03/10/2018 22:00

My 12 month old is in a lovely routine. I'm flexible in terms of getting out and about with him.

However, we have a few holidays booked, and thinking about the tonight has sent me into panic mode. One involves a time zone change. Another involves travelling and arriving waaaay past his bed time (not my choice for flying at this time, going with friends with babies).

The holidays are all fairly spread out. But I feel guilty. Guilty and slightly panicky. I don't know if I being uptight and unreasonable thinking this, or if I'm a selfish parent.

My whole life revolves around this little guy. My days are geared to ensuring his every need is met. The holidays are relatively family friendly. But I honestly just feel like cancelling and staying at home (which isn't really an option).

Please tell me I'm being I reasonable and he won't turn into some sleep deprived delinquent from a little travel disruption?! Is this PFB syndrome?

This is a first world problem, I know Blush

OP posts:
igglypiggly · 03/10/2018 22:02

I'm doing the same at the end of this month with my 18 month old and feeling much like you. I think he'll enjoy elements of the (long) flight but I don't know - I feel like I'm ruining all his routine and sleep patterns just to be selfish and have a holiday. I really sympathise with how you feel.

MrsGB2225 · 03/10/2018 22:05

We went to Thailand when my first was 8 months old, that was a night flight and a seven hour time difference. He was fine! We’ve taken both of ours on loads of holiday with various time changes and changes to routine. You’ll have a great time.
Change him into a sleep suit before the floor guy if it’s a late one and bring plenty of milk if FF.

MrsGB2225 · 03/10/2018 22:05

Before the flight that should say

Peppapogstillonaloop · 03/10/2018 22:05

In the nicest possible way, yes you are being very pfb! He will adapt to the change in routine, even more easily as you only have the one and you will be able to still meet his every need. You are not being selfish, you cannot possibly exist in a tiny little bubble forever ensuring everything runs smoothly - not realistic and unhealthy for you (and him)in the long run I would say. Go on holiday, relax and have fun!

Whatswrongwithme1 · 03/10/2018 22:06

I guess, thinking about it now, if the trips are tricky, they won't be the memories we hold of the holidays. And if they're disastrous, at least we tried. Confused

OP posts:
zzzzz · 03/10/2018 22:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ConsiderHerWaysAndOthers · 03/10/2018 22:07

It’s natural to worry a little about jet lag and the change of routine when traveling long haul. But I don’t get the guilt factor, we travel a lot with DD as we live a long haul flight away from all our family. The flight isn’t exactly fun but we always enjoy the holiday and have never regretted it. Try to relax and focus on all the good bits about where you’re going.

OoohSmooch · 03/10/2018 22:11

Just go on holiday! You figure it out when you're there, it's what memories are made of. We just had a lovely amazing wonderful holiday to the Canary Islands with our 18 month old. We're not toooo routine-y but she has a morning nap and goes to bed around the same time....on holiday she was up at the mini disco until gone 9 or later each night, she loved it, we loved it. Just go, don't overthink it, don't regret it, you just adapt!

fabulous01 · 03/10/2018 22:16

Mine have been on holiday to Spain and NI. They adapt so well. Be organised though and take lots of nibble foods. Take a present for plane to give them something to open and play with from Poundland or similar.
But it is great so enjoy

salopek · 03/10/2018 22:21

Yes you're suffering with PFB syndrome.

You don't want to go in holiday with your 1 year old because of his routine ConfusedConfused he'll be fine. I've travelled regularly and long-haul with DC when they were babies, they adapt!

Whatswrongwithme1 · 03/10/2018 22:26

Thank you! I know I sound mad- my ore baby self would've been eye rolling to the extreme reading the OP

I am a slight control freak (can you tell) and having just got him into a good sleep routine, I'm now wilfully changing it. We have so much booked in next 6 months. But I'm going to take a deep breath, accept that things will be more fluid and he will be fine, even if he's a little more tired than usual on some days

Thanks for advice!

OP posts:
MarshaBradyo · 03/10/2018 22:30

Travel is great for babies, I’m sure changes like this make them learn more

Also flying doesn’t have to be a problem - mine have always loved being on me for that long their idea of a nice day

Plus it’s great fun to be somewhere new with them, and all the attention they may get

Enjoy it I say

igglypiggly · 03/10/2018 22:45

This is such a great thread, really cheering me up and giving me confidence!

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