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To think interview expenses should be reimbursed?

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Polarbearflavour · 03/10/2018 10:12

I’ve been invited to interview for a Civil Service Department role - it’s a mass recruitment campaign with a few jobs going at several offices across the UK.

Only catch is - interview is in Birmingham which is 4 hours away and the train fare is £125 for an off peak return!

I think this should be reimbursable. I’m not applying for a job in Birmingham, I’m applying for the job in my home city and ticked that box on the application form.

I have asked them and they don’t reimburse interview expenses end of. I completely expect to pay my own expenses for interviews in a city that a live in or would be commuting to. But not to a completely different place!

OP posts:

SarahH12 · 03/10/2018 12:02

They should definitely reimburse. I had an interview with Teach First years ago. Interview was in London as it was a national recruitment day. They reimbursed the train and tube fare.

Yours should definitely be reimbursed.

Although I would say interviews in general when held locally/ relatively local to the actual job shouldn't be reimbursed.


2BorNot2Bvocal · 03/10/2018 12:12

Just been in the same position for same amount plus station parking !
I don't know the interview outcome yet but if I'm not successful would I reapply for a different post and be potentially £250 down?


BarbaraofSevillle · 03/10/2018 13:55

I work for a public sector organisation and we stopped reimbursing interview costs a few years ago. One of the many consequences of austerity.


BuntyII · 03/10/2018 13:57

Actually now you've mentioned it I think interview costs should be reimbursed by the interviewing company. Might make them think twice about inviting people in to interview who they have no intention of giving the job to.


Polarbearflavour · 03/10/2018 14:05

I think I’ll decline the interview and explain why! If I was relocating to Birmingham for a job based there of course I would pay my own expenses as that’s up to me! But for a job interviewing somewhere else? Nope. I don’t want the job that much.

OP posts:

oldsockeater · 03/10/2018 14:08

I think they should reimburse for those who live more than say an hour away. I applied for one where they interviewed 150 people for 4 positions. It cost about £200 in train fares and accommodation (5 hours travel from home and nowhere near the job location either). That was cheeky really - they should have interviewed fewer people as well as paying travel.

Usually I've been reimbursed even f the the interview was at the job location, both public and private sector.


Polarbearflavour · 03/10/2018 17:43

A train company gave me a free travel warrant me but then I was travelling on their service! Years ago, a government department reimbursed all my travel for the three times I had to go up to London - for a job in London.

When I was applying for an internal job I had to pay my own expenses to travel to a different location. They would only have been paid if I was in the at risk of redundancy pool.

OP posts:

Butcowsdontgetmarried · 03/10/2018 20:07

Try looking on the train line at the bottom of the page of results for your dates/times, they have a sentence “slower trains may be available click here for details” they show the cheaper routes. Might be a bit slower but can be a lot cheaper


highinthesky · 17/09/2019 20:28

I've just found out I've got an interview for the Department of Education and it specifically says they don't cover interview costs.

Regurging this thread because it seems DofE policy has changed within the last 11 months. I have been informed:
"Following your interview, an email will be sent with instructions explaining how to return your claim for expenses."

The am guessing the email is not going to say: only joking! If it does, I shall be back to complain. If anyone has the expenses policy, please do share it.


HermioneWeasley · 17/09/2019 20:31

I’d challenge on the basis of indirect sex discrimination- the cost will be more of a barrier to female applicants given they are more likely to work part time and suffer the gender pay gap.


dowehaveastalker · 17/09/2019 20:32

Don’t apply for the job then 🤷🏻‍♀️


WineIsMyMainVice · 17/09/2019 20:32

I have only ever know. Interview expenses be paid in the public sector. However, I would ask them if they did an Equality Impact Assessment when they decided not to pay interview expenses when recruiting so far away from where the role would be based. As you may be being priced out of an application.
Good luck in your job search.


Muddlingalongalone · 17/09/2019 20:45

I work for a large multi-national and we don't pay interview expenses for intern roles anymore which always seems harsh to me.
We do however offer to travel to one of our other sites if it is closer to their home & we think they are a good candidate.


Fairyliz · 17/09/2019 20:53

As a matter of interest does any work for a company that pays travel expenses?
DD is currently applying for jobs around the country and we have racked up £100s in travel expenses. Fortunately we can afford it but what do graduates sob who don’t have parents who can pay?

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