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Anyone else been told hearing aids won't work?

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HannahHut · 03/10/2018 08:15

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else was in the same position?

I have hearing loss at low frequencies but not high, as a result my hearing has been impacted but I will been told hearing aids won't help and it's something I just have to love with.

To be honest I was quiet upset, I just wanted something to help me hear better as I am missing out on group conversations and so on which is difficult for me.

Has anyone else been told they are unable to be helped with their hearing loss?

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HannahHut · 04/10/2018 17:05

Went to Specsavers and they see the same thing as the audiologist and that is is degenerative nerve damage. They say they have hearing aids that could help me put want my GP to investigate the nerve damage first to see if this is something that will rapidly, slowly or not deteriorate in the future to get the best hearing aid for me.

I.e one that can be stronger in the future if it needs to or not.

OP posts:

Tally2 · 23/02/2019 13:15

I too am in early 50s and have high frequency loss.... I had to laugh at your description of your audiogram .... I am right there with you on the ski slope....
I have NHS aids and have toyed with idea of buying private aids as even with my NHS aids in I still have to ask people to repeat themselves, unless they are directly in front of me and there is no background noise !!!!! The huge problem with myself is that I have HUGE hang ups about people knowing I wear H.A's....
I have recently been for an appointment to turn my H.A up because I know I have lost moire of my hearing, they audiologist altered them but I am still struggling with conversation BUT as someone on here said .... It/they are not a magic wand .... :-)


PinkSparklyPussyCat · 23/02/2019 13:34

Tally2 DH has high frequency loss and has struggled with hearing aids as all they seem to do is make louder what he can already hear and he doesn't tend to wear the hearing aids because of this. He's been told by the NHS, Boots and Specsavers that nothing will help with the high frequency loss. Apparently he doesn't have a ski slope, it just drops off the edge of a cliff.

I'm sure a lot of people think I'm a bossy cow when I answer for him! He doesn't mind but I feel awful sometimes.


Memom · 29/04/2019 12:49

I realise this thread hasn't been used for a while. Just wondering if @HannahHut you found anything to help? I can't get hearing aids to help me, it makes everything so loud but I'm still missing speech. I have lost middle hearing (cookie bite loss??) and am struggling.

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