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to worry Im squishing my baby...

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somanybloodysticks · 03/10/2018 07:10

This is my 2nd pregnancy so feel like I should know better but... I'm 25 weeks and every time I bend (ie even raise up my leg to tie my laces) I gets lots of squirms really low down. Mainly at the sides of my pelvis. Ditto as soon as I lie on my side, ie kicks up that side. Im really worried that Im causing him (its a boy) discomfort. Is that possible? Or is it just that I can feel the movement more in those positions? Thanks :)

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Queenofthestress · 03/10/2018 07:20

You can just feel the movements more in those positions, that's the reason why they say if you've got reduced movements you should have a cold drink and lay on your side

Your baby is surrounded by so much amniotic fluid that unless you have a serious knock, not much is going to harm him!

somanybloodysticks · 03/10/2018 21:01

Thank you Queen! I do know that, but it just feels so much like an 'oy get off' reaction from baby that Ive been getting worried!

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Fluffyears · 03/10/2018 21:02

He can probably feel the movement andut just makes him squirm a bit.

Queenofthestress · 04/10/2018 06:26

I get the worry, my ds was 3 when I was pregnant with the youngest, he's a very very rambunctious child with suspected autism so there was quite a few moments where I thought DD had been squashed!

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