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Am 1 paycheque away from food bank. WTF do I make with 500grams of soft and plump’ apricots?

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Foofloofah · 02/10/2018 21:45

Ideas on a postcard please. Kids want dessert and I just don’t know what to do! Yes have googled etc just need ideas, links and recipes. Kids eat well but can’t go MasterChef on them x

OP posts:
isseywithcats · 02/10/2018 21:46

apricot crumble, if you have flour and butter and sugar sorted

Slimtimeagain · 02/10/2018 21:47

I'm sure people will be along with much better advice. Sorry to hear you're in a sticky situation. Please make use of the food bank.
I like apricots on their own!

Florries · 02/10/2018 21:47

Apricot ice-cream? Blendup a frozen banana and the apricots together?

Apricot milk shake?

Apricot smoothie?

dontticklethetoad · 02/10/2018 21:48

Or apricot cake?

agnurse · 02/10/2018 21:48

Apricot crumble or apricot kuchen.

Mishmashbishbosh · 02/10/2018 21:49

If desert isn't for right now....apricot jam!

Crunchymum · 02/10/2018 21:49

Sorry if I'm missing the point, but do they need dessert? And why do they want it so late?

MrSlant · 02/10/2018 21:50

Nothing too apricot heavy if they are the dried sort. Unless you have a lot of loo roll to hand. voice of experience

Do you have apples as well? Crumble with both would be nice.

DrMadelineMaxwell · 02/10/2018 21:50

Not sure the kids would like it, but I love dried apricots, chopped up and stirred into plain yogurt with some honey. Mmmm.... The apricots absorb some of the moisture and make the yogurt thicker.

Foofloofah · 02/10/2018 21:51

Cake or crumble would work. Have flour & sugar. No eggs but borrow some of a neighbour. Need links to recipes. If it’s something new I can’t cook or bake it off by heart.

OP posts:
Katedotness1963 · 02/10/2018 21:54

It’s not late where I am, it just before 3 in the afternoon. We’re not all in the same country.

Foofloofah · 02/10/2018 21:57

Thank you katedotness1963

OP posts:
Foofloofah · 02/10/2018 22:00

I am in the UK but have to prep, cook etc the day before as I have a large family & they have a lot of after school activities. If I don’t prepare it means late dinner, late bed time and grumpy family in the morn. No my kids don’t have dessert every day. Mostly it’s fruit & yoghurt, but they need carbs. They are busy kids and I HATE wasting food x

OP posts:
formerbabe · 02/10/2018 22:01

If you have flour and just need butter or margarine and you can make shortbread. Chop up the apricots and mix in with the dough. Apricot shortbread!

Myshinynewname · 02/10/2018 22:02
Just copy this crumble topping on top of any fruit. If the fruit is sweet you don’t really need sugar in with it. It also works absolutely fine ( for kids anyway) with margarine instead of butter if that’s what you have in.

LifeInPlastic · 02/10/2018 22:02

You don’t need eggs for a crumble. Flour, butter and sugar for the topping.
Try the food bank. x

Foofloofah · 02/10/2018 22:02

Love the idea of a milkshake. That’s quite clever use of fruit they ‘reject’ as it isn’t perfect, well 2 out if the 3 kids!

OP posts:
NannyR · 02/10/2018 22:04

Just enjoy them as they are, especially if they are the soft kind, rather than the chewy hard ones. You could buy a bar of supermarket value chocolate (50p Morrisons), melt it and dip them in to make them a bit more special.

titchy · 02/10/2018 22:04

100g flour, 50g butter, 50g sugar. Rub together to breadcrumb consistency, pour over apricots. Bung in oven.

Notsoaccidentproneanymore · 02/10/2018 22:05

Apricot flapjack. Just put in less sugar.

Cook them with a couple or so of tablespoons of water and use on top of natural yogurt.

Or sprinkle them on morning cereal.

CrochetBelle · 02/10/2018 22:08

Is the foodbank not for people who don't have the money to provide food?
Is your partner really spending so much money on 'quality sports gear' that you can't provide for the family?

Camelsinthegobi · 02/10/2018 22:10

Poach the apricots briefly in a sugar syrup with a couple or cardamom pods if you have them (not necessary if you don’t). If you have greek yogurt/cream/creme fraiche then stuff them with this and serve. Or just serve them as poached apricots. Custard/ice cream/evaporated milk would all be nice poured over the top.


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Foofloofah · 02/10/2018 22:17

You guys are brilliant! Going to try these recipes tomorrow to prep for a long & hungry week. Thank you x

OP posts:
catdogfish · 02/10/2018 22:29

Crumble 4 Oz flour, 2 Oz sugar, 2 Oz butter or double it if your making a bigger one.

Cold butter cut it into chunks and rub it into the flour and sugar mix with your fingers.

Sprinkle on top of fruit layer. Ideally have a few cm of crumble on top

Oven for 30 mins ish 180 checking you don't burn it.

PartAnd · 02/10/2018 22:33

Your DH sounds like a right prat if he is spending like that when you are one pay check away from a food bank. If you are struggling could you get your in laws or parents to help you out.
If your husband cuts down on his sports and your kids cut down on their extra curricular activities would that help.

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