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To ask fir advice from nursery staff?

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shuz1980 · 02/10/2018 17:25

Any help/advice from nursery staff will be fully appreciated. I have a job interview tomorrow for a nursery assistant, im level 3 qualified and have a years experience but that was 5 years ago. Since then ive been working in customer service so quite different from working in a nursery. Im trying to prepare myself so question is, what kind of questions do you think their going to ask? Ive been refreshing my memory on the eyfs curriculum, but anything else i should be researching? And also, if they ask 'tell me abit about yourself' am i telling them about me personally or my work history? Im nervous and really want this job. Any help will be so appreciated Thanks

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WelcomeToGreenvale · 02/10/2018 21:30

Good luck!

You're right to brush up on the EYFS for sure. Do some research on safeguarding, that's a massive issue that will definitely come up. British Values are currently a big deal as well. Be also aware that they'll probably ask you about your experiences working in a team as that's important in an early years setting too.

Make sure you know about the nursery too, they may want to know what attracted you to them specifically (and why you're changing careers again).

For the tell me about yourself question, at my last interview (at a preschool) I talked about my qualifications and work experiences as well as some of my interests/hobbies. Got the job Smile

Hope it goes well, let us know!

shutlingsloe · 02/10/2018 21:58

Lots of safeguarding focus round here.

Safeguarding- everything you do all the time to protect all children (Risk assessments, infection control, food hygiene etc.)
Child Protection - What you do for a particular child
Confidentiality- don't tell anyone anything without permission (unless risk to child)

Good luck 🍀!

2ducks2ducklings · 02/10/2018 22:04

I was going to mention safeguarding too. Who would you report any concerns to? Do you know the different agencies who help safeguard children in your area? And yes, to British values too.

shuz1980 · 02/10/2018 22:16

Thank you all so much x

OP posts:
Kolo · 02/10/2018 22:31

Good luck!
I’d brush up on eyfs, safeguarding, CP (signs of abuse), Prevent. What were your strengths? Targets for development during the year you worked in a nursery? Possibly GDPR in terms of maintaining confidentiality? Def read the latest ofsted report - use it to explain what you can add to the setting?

Mammyloveswine · 02/10/2018 22:40

Agree with everything here and not much to add... . the early years has changed a lot in the last 5 years in terms of recording assessments so might be worth having a quick Google of "tapestry, 2simple, seesaw, family" all of these are similar to.facebook in a way by allowing parents to access photos and observations online via a protected platform and comment. It could be a good link to gdpr and show you have kept up with recent developments. Good luck!

Walkerbean16 · 02/10/2018 22:45

In The Moment Planning is becoming a big thing in a lot of nurseries around here so maybe look into that? do you know if they follow it or are more structured with their planning? could you possibly check on their website/social media

shuz1980 · 03/10/2018 10:37

Thank you to all that helped and offered advice. And a big thank you to those who suggested looking up British values, as it was one of the questions they asked and where impressed i knew the answer so again, THANK YOU Thanks The interview went as well as it could from my point of view so fingers crossed im successful and if i am it's all thanks to you lovely people ThanksGrin

OP posts:
WelcomeToGreenvale · 04/10/2018 20:46

Well done! Hope you get it Smile

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