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Maternity Grant

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whatdoido33 · 02/10/2018 11:29

I have been refused for the maternity grant as I sent the forms in too late Sad My DD was born prem and spent 13 weeks in hospital so by the time I got the forms signed by the GP and sent them it was 3 days before the deadline.

I took them to the post office and asked to send them first class, but as it was a free post I couldn't so they received the forms late.

My daughter has a few disabilities due to prematurely and at 4 and a half months so I could really do with the grant to help with some physio toys. they said I need to appeal, has anybody done this before and can somebody please help me?

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whatdoido33 · 02/10/2018 11:30

At 4 and a half months still can't hold her head up*

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felicityy · 02/10/2018 11:38

Don't have advice into the maternity grant but have you looked at family fund? They provide grants for disabled children, We have used them a few times.

AllyMcBeagle · 02/10/2018 12:25

I guess you could file a complaint with the DWP. They can offer compensation if there has been maladministration by the DWP, but I expect they will date stamp all post that they receive and if it was received late then you may be out of luck. Sorry Flowers

AllyMcBeagle · 02/10/2018 12:28

There's a guide on appeals here too:

I suppose you could do an appeal and simultaneously send in a complaint. There shouldn't be any cost other than your time.

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