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Answer ME when I’ve asked you a question!

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FancifulFeathers · 01/10/2018 18:03

Went out for lunch today, me, OH and 1 yr old.

Place wasn’t too busy, didn’t expect a long wait. service was shocking - waited ages to be seated, to place order etc. noticed table behind us had been seated AFTER us, yet were tucking into a steak before we’d placed our order!!!

Mentioned this to waitress, who didn’t apologise for anything and kept looking at my OH and talking to him, didn’t look at me at all! So I snapped and said ‘excuse me, it’s me raising this issue, not him, can you look at me!’ - she was a bit taken aback, maybe people don’t complain there! But it really got my back up that she was acknowledging the man of the table rather than me!

(Bit ranty sorry!)

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ConsiderHerWaysAndOthers · 01/10/2018 18:10

Maybe she’s as bad at confrontation as she is at being a waitress and didn’t want to engage with you if you were getting angry. That’s not a criticism of you, I would have been mightily annoyed too, but it seems a much more plausible explaination for her behaviour. The must address the man at the table would be quite unusual these days for a woman, particularly if she’s young.

But I wouldn’t go back there to eat again, it sounds shit.

Birdsgottafly · 01/10/2018 18:20

It might have been that she was addressing the less aggressive out of the two of you. Which is a deflection tactic.

What did you want to happen? Because it's pointless complaining to waiting on Staff, unless you just want a free-be. It's higher up, you need to go to.

newrubylane · 01/10/2018 19:29

Urgh, I hate when this happens. The worst is when you're using your card to pay, and they stick it in the machine and hand it to your partner. More likely if they haven't taken it directly from you, in which cast it's obviously just an annoying assumption. But I've even had this happen when I've literally just handed them my card myself. I also remember getting really annoyed when I took my boyfriend with me to look round a flat I was thinking of renting and the letting agent just kept talking to him and not me - even though we had explicitly stated that I would be living there alone!

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