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To think neighbour is wrong involving kids

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PollyParrot10 · 01/10/2018 13:14

NC as have discussed this IRL and would be outing and there is stuff on other threads which is private.

So, NDN has kids same age as ours and they regularly play out front and in our house and all go to school together. Never in NDN house as she doesn't "do" playdates but that's fine with me as long as kids are happy.
We have got along as far as polite conversation but she has never wanted more, again that's fine.

There has been a bit of a long running dispute about neighbour using end of our drive to store her kids scooters and bikes, they just leave them there after playing out. Most days, before we can reverse off drive we have to move several bits of her kids beforehand. I have asked nicely a few times saying I am worried we will forget and damage them etc but it's always the same. A few weeks ago DH did, entirely by accident, reverse when leaving for work in a hurry and hit her kids bike which had been left on its side directly behind our car and on our driveway, the wheel was totally damaged beyond repair. NDN angrily asked us to replace the bike, DH refused saying it shouldn't have been there and they had been told and that in fact they would be liable if it had damaged our car. NDN got pretty mad. Nothing got resolved and she has ignored us since.

Last week after school my kids were playing outside and NDN kids came out and played separately. When my kids invited them to play a game they said they couldn't because "your dad was horrible to my mum and mum says we're to stay away from you all and that she will never let us near you again". My kids were really upset. On Friday the kids came home saying NDN kids have told other kids at school that their Dad, DH, is nasty and angry. He did raise his voice slightly when NDN said we had to pay but he didn't shout or swear or anything. I am mortified this is being said at school as the other kids will tell their parents/teachers.

DH says to leave it. I want to say something along lines of how unfortunate it is that she felt the need to involve the children.... I'm really cross, the kids are/were very close.

OP posts:
DianaPrincessOfThemyscira · 01/10/2018 13:19

I’d leave it with the neighbour. But I would tell my kids that it’s a shame they can’t play together but unfortunately it’s because neighbour is in the wrong and won’t admit it.

PollyParrot10 · 01/10/2018 13:24

I know that the right thing is to leave it, but I am cross the kids are upset, and to be honest I am fed up of always being the nice one while other people say and do what they want with no consequence.

OP posts:
SavoyCabbage · 01/10/2018 13:28

Your kids will just have to be upset. You can’t make your neighbour into someone she isn’t. I would carry on with being the nice one and doing the right thing. There is nothing to gain from escalating the situation.

It’s a real shame for all of the children but it’s happened now.

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