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5 year old and manners

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WeLoveFlowers · 01/10/2018 10:57

Hi, my husband gave his 5 year old nephew a birthday present on the weekend. The present was about a week late so no other presents getting opened at the same time. The boy started to open the present, saw it was a puzzle (Spiderman picture which we thought he’d like) then ran off without finishing opening it or saying thank you. So obviously the choice of gift was a fail and he wasn’t interested. Parents laughed awkwardly, quick apologies and shrugged shoulders, before we all changed the subject.

AIBU to think by 5 years old a child is old enough to know that a present should at least be unwrapped in front of the giver and also to know to say thank you?

I’m fully prepared to be told I am BU to expect more- I don’t have kids that age so can’t say what is normal. But I did expect at least a smile and thank you and can’t help feel annoyed. I actually felt instinctively like apologising in the moment as the whole thing was a bit awkward and regret we’d bothered at all. Are my expectations unrealistic?

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MrsStrowman · 01/10/2018 15:48

My niece only just turned three, when we gave her her present, she didn't say thank you immediately but did give me a massive hug and started telling me and her other aunt all about the present and why it was good (which was actually fine with me, I took the hug and enthusiasm as thanks), her mum (SIL) just leant over and said quietly to her 'what do you say when someone gives you a present', she then immediately said thank you. I'd expect a five year old to know to say thank you but if they don't I'd expect the parents to remind them, and they didn't in your situation which probably explains why he doesn't say it.

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