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To think I shouldn't have to pay a penny?

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mn101 · 30/09/2018 22:02

Our next door neighbour was having some work done on their property, the workman's scaffolding fell and cracked the outer pane of our double glasses window. Admitted liability and the neighbour and the builder came round to look it the next day. The builder admitted it was not a job he could do, but measured up and said he'd get someone to repair it. He turned up today, with a pane of glass, with a friend and after 15/20 mins of surveying it my husband told him to go as it was evident he didn't know what he was doing, as he's not a glazier. He left the glass. I have a feeling this could start to get a bit awkward, my question is whose responsibility is it to make it good and who gets to decide who fixes it. Basically we don't think it should cost us a penny and we don't want a bodge job. Is it our neighbours responsibility as she hired the workman on her property or is it his? If he's not insured and won't pay for a proper job how would we go about getting the money for it. I think the work he was doing on our neighbour house has finished so it might be difficult getting hold of him.

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kazillionaire · 30/09/2018 22:49

I'm guessing it is down to the neighbour to pay for it as someone they contracted caused the damage, they would have to pay and then claim it off the builder afterwards

Maelstrop · 30/09/2018 22:56

The workman isn’t insured? Your neighbour’s an idiot for employing him. Morally, she should pay, but when our neighbour’s tree fell and damaged our property, they didn’t pay despite saying they would. You could mention Small Claims court?

twofrontteeth · 30/09/2018 22:57

You can't replace a single pane of glass on a double glazed window, that would defeat the entire purpose of the double glazing. They come as a complete unit so the whole thing must be made to measure and replaced. That said, they aren't hugely expensive.

I'd suggest approaching the neighbour and asking him to pay (and then go through the inconvenience of chasing the builder himself if he chooses) but I suspect that strictly, it's the builders liability. Much easier if your neighbour will pay it, though, and he may well do so for goodwill. I would.

TokyoSushi · 30/09/2018 23:08

I'd say it's the builders responsibility and you'll need an entirely new window.

I'd also guess that he won't pay for it, the neighbour won't want to and you'll probably end up paying for it and/or it becoming awkward with your neighbour.

jay55 · 30/09/2018 23:10

Call your house insurance company and let them sort it and chase your neighbour’s builder’s insurance for the money.

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