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AIBU to say how pleased I am with DD's new school?

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MistOnTheWater · 30/09/2018 21:10

Just what it says in the title. I see so many teacher bashing threads and it's very rare to see praise for teachers. You only hear about the problems, you don't hear about the times that schools get it right.
Sorry this is long - don't want to drip feed.
DD has just started High school. She's been finding it a bit difficult finding her feet in a much bigger school than she's used to. She was off all last week with illness - spending the whole week in bed cuddling our DDog.
Anyway I went into school for a meeting (nothing to do with her being off sick - and DP was at home with DD - she wasn't by herself). The meeting was with the SENCO (DD has dyslexia), her Head of Year and another teacher. They were concerned that she was having problems with the move up to High school. And they were all lovely. The SENCO is a lovely lady. The HoY is a lovely young chap (showing my age here!) and the other teacher was a lovely lady too (DD's told me this as well).
We discussed the issues in a calm reasonable manner. They showed their concerns in a professional way. We talked about what would be the right way to go forward. (Not very exciting this post is it!)
DD was going to sign up for some of the sports clubs - but of course she couldn't being off sick. So the HoY is going to find out if there are still spaces left. The teachers have been keeping an eye on her in case DD gets overly anxious (as she does get anxious). And DD is allowed to type out her homework instead of having to write it out (because of her dyslexia).
I'd phoned the school earlier in the week to find out if DD needed to do anything at home so she doesn't fall behind and the HoY told me in the meeting they only send work home if the child was off for an extended period. I'd also had a really nice e-mail from DD's Philosophy teacher saying that DD didn't need to do anything at home. Since starting High school Philosophy has overtaken Maths as DD's favourite subject.
I'm really pleased at the way the school have picked up that there was a problem and have acted swiftly so the problem doesn't get any bigger. They're showing professional concern for their students and looking after them. As teachers should do. So I'm lauding them for it. And I'll tell other mums at the school how good they are.
The school have acted in a way that any parent would want them to. And I'm very happy about it. This should be the standard that schools work to. I'll tell anyone and everyone how good they are.

OP posts:
BackforGood · 30/09/2018 23:03

How nice of you to write this post. Smile

IME, this sort of thing goes on day in and day out in schools across the country, but, like with all things that are 'the norm' they don't get reported / mentioned / commented upon, let alone have threads on MN about them, so people tend to get a bit of a skewed view of what 'normality' looks like.

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