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To think my friend doesn't really like me

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Bigblueballoon · 30/09/2018 17:07

I have a lovely friend who I have known for years. Our dc have grown up together and we have been through a few tough times together. There are 4 of us who are close and our dhs get on too so we all get together at times. This friend has been invited to mine with her family approx 6 times over the past 2 years. They stay for ages and appear to have a nice time. Dc all get on well. She's also comes over for coffee sometimes, normally with others in our little group. Our dc go to a couple of after school clubs and we share lifts but it is always me who phones to organise this. Lovely friend has never asked us to hers over this time though and I am starting to feel ridiculous keep asking her - like I'm being annoying and she wished I'd just leave her alone! I am really sad and would hate not to have her in my life but AIBU to keep trying and think it would be great to be asked to hers once.

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MilkComa · 30/09/2018 17:14

Maybe she's embarrassed by her home? Doesn't like the fuss of people coming over? Doesn't want the mess?

I love my friends and family but hate hosting them because I hate my house because it's not big enough to have people over.

sawbucks · 30/09/2018 17:31

I would assume greater complexity OP.

Bigblueballoon · 30/09/2018 17:39

Thanks for the replies. I was hoping that it was because she doesn't like having people over but once i suggested we went out for food without the dc as it would be easier and she said she didn't mind having everyone over and liked how the dc all got on so well so nice to get them together. However, she's still never had us overSad

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