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to want to leave my job and become a gardener

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yellowDahlia · 30/09/2018 12:08

I'm quite fed up with work atm. I've been in the role for 6 years but feel I've lost my way a bit - not exactly sure what my purpose is or that anyone really pays much attention to what I'm doing/producing. I feel like colleagues are doing much of my work already and better than me. I have a good line manager but she works with the rest of my team at HQ which is some distance away. And I like my colleagues where I am but don't feel very supported. I'm PT (3 days a week) and while I definitely don't want to be FT I quite often feel out of touch with what's going on and tbh it's part of my role to know exactly what's going on!

My job doesn't light me up - but being in the garden, outside, among nature, growing plants - that's what I LOVE.

I'm making small steps towards giving myself the option of working in this area - studying horticulture, blogging/writing, selling a few plants - but I'm impatient and at the moment I wish I could just chuck in all the crappy, stressy office work and just be in the garden - any garden! - all day long.

It's not possible or realistic for me to do this now, but I just feel 'meh' about work at the moment and want to take some kind of action! I want to spend my days doing something I love, not something which makes me feel 'meh'.

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shearwater · 30/09/2018 12:14

Sure, if you don't mind potentially seasonal and very hard manual work for which you can charge only about £12 an hour.

I am doing a gardening course but also enjoy my part time and pretty well-paid office based job. I might do a bit of paid gardening work going forward but I quite like having the other job to fall back on. I don't blame you for feeling that way but see if you can change your regular job first and do an RHS course to see if the professional side is for you.

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