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10 year old wanting to shave legs

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ionising · 30/09/2018 08:52

My daughter age 10 in year 6, is wanting to shave her legs.

I think its too young.

AIBU? She is an early developer and is very conscious but I am sure I was about 13 when I started.


OP posts:
MirandaWest · 30/09/2018 08:54

Are her legs hairy? Does she want to remove the hair on her legs? If so then help her find the best way for her to remove it.

Birdsgottafly · 30/09/2018 08:55

She has body hair that is bothering her. There is a way to solve this, what is too young about it?

Do you see female grooming as being connected to becoming sexual? That's something that we should be changing.

LucieMorningstar · 30/09/2018 08:57

I think I was about 12/13 when I started to do mine. I remember my mum helping me do it the first time. Up until then I’d not been allowed and the hairs were an inch + long and I had to wear skirts to school. Other kids obviously noticed.

Birdsgottafly · 30/09/2018 08:57

Just to add, if you think about it, it's better that she is making this decision for herself and not wanting to start because Boys are getting interested in her.

We should choose our own personal and styling habits.

Citylivingwithdogs · 30/09/2018 08:58

It depends, if she has fine blond hair I would probably say no but if she has noticeable dark thick hair that she self conscious of I would maybe help her remove it. I wouldn’t let her have free reign with a razor though.

skippy67 · 30/09/2018 08:59

Just let her shave them if she wants to.

OliviaStabler · 30/09/2018 08:59

If it's bothering her then you should let her shave or use another method of hair removal.

Larasshadow · 30/09/2018 09:00

DD 11 was the same, dark haired so her leg hairs were very obvious, in fact some of her friends had pointed it out and that made it worse (they didn't mention it to be mean).

We started with hair remover cream. She's just started shaving her own legs with a razor (type with safety bars) as the electric shaver we got her was useless!

AfterSchoolWorry · 30/09/2018 09:01

I'd let her. But I'd help her at first until she gets used to the razor.

booellesmum · 30/09/2018 09:01

She obviously has a good relationship with you to have spoken to you about it, so please help her do it safely.
My mum was very anti shaving and at around 12 I borrowed my Dads razor to do mine and took the front of my leg off. The scar was there for a long time.

ChangerChangerson · 30/09/2018 09:04

If let her remove the hair but you could always try veet first as she won't cut herself with a razor then (I'm in my 30s and still manage to nip myself sometimes!).

ChangerChangerson · 30/09/2018 09:04


daisypond · 30/09/2018 09:06

Let her. It can be difficult enough being a pubescent girl. Why make things harder for her?

implantsandaDyson · 30/09/2018 09:07

My eldest uses Veet - I think she was around the same age - maybe nearer 11. To be honest I didn't really give it a second thought - her legs, her hair. I did it for her the first few times but she got the hang of it.

PinkCalluna · 30/09/2018 09:07

My DD and I had several discussions about this and the same age. We talked about the reasons women are socialised to remove body hair, that it was purely an aesthetic choice and absolutely her own business whether her legs had hair or not.

After much discussion of choice and methods we used sensitive Veet and I helped her with it.

I removed my leg hair about the same age by pinching my Mums razor (and cutting my legs to ribbons).

I felt much more comfortable about it with DD because we had the opportunity to discuss it and for her to make an informed choice.

You might have been 13 but a specific age isn’t the important thing with this decision.

In the end it’s her choice. It’s good that she’s open with you.

AdventuringThroughLife · 30/09/2018 09:08

Mine is a similar age and has mentioned it but not recently.

I have issues as I dont think a boy at 10 would be asking the same and it seems young to be buying into having to preen just because its somehow expected. I dont shave mine unless theyre on show and thats just due to social obligation.

We deflected the issue and often talk about doing things just because x does them. I will at some point go through it with her but yes it seems young to start all that to me to.

Dontbuymesocks · 30/09/2018 09:09

I had really hairy legs when I was young and I was incredibly self-conscious about them. I’ve always said that I would let a daughter shave etc whenever she was ready as I wouldn’t want her to suffer as I did. This probably sounds over dramatic but it really did make me miserable.

Cornettoninja · 30/09/2018 09:12

She’s noticed and she’s bothered by it. I’d let her (or do it for her either with cream or a razor).

I’m dark haired and pale skinned, there’s no such thing as ‘no one will notice’ in my world and I well remember the stares in junior school.

Keep up the conversations about societal pressure etc if that aspect bothers you but that’s a conclusion she should reach herself. Being comfortable in your appearance is crucial to confidence and no one should be forced to fly a flag they haven’t hoisted themselves.

ionising · 30/09/2018 09:19

She has just told Grandma that I am thinking about that.

Don’t start that with her! She is too young!!!

They will grow back thicker!!

No they don’t Mother! They just bluntbtge end. Hmm

OP posts:
lostelephant · 30/09/2018 09:21

If she's self conscious about it then I would assume it's more noticeable than other girls at her school. Personally I would buy her a good quality sensitive razor and show her how to shave them properly. My DM didn't let me shave my legs when I was 12 years old, being that age I went ahead and did it anyway with one of her crappy Bic razors and I still have a noticeable scar from it over a decade later.

Girliefriendlikesflowers · 30/09/2018 09:22

My dd shaved her legs when she was 11 yo, we talked about it and I helped her so she did it safely. She is 12 now and probably shaves her legs once or twice a month.

My mum was anti shaving and I ended up buying a cheap razor and cutting my legs to shreds so didn't want that for dd.

Tomatoesrock · 30/09/2018 09:23

I would allow her to try some immac or nair sensitive it works well if she is new to it.


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liquidrevolution · 30/09/2018 09:23

Another one who was teased at Junior school because of hairy legs. I wore tights most of the time but not practical in Summer. I also borrowed my mums razor and shaved my legs.

I can see the hair on my DDs legs. Shes 4 and dark haired/fair skinned like me. I will do as a PP suggested and have a good discussion and make sure she understands its her decision and she doesnt have to if she doesnt want to.

Once the initial shave or veet is done you can use silky mits to keep it less noticeable and they are much more child friendly.

Helenluvsrob · 30/09/2018 09:24

Meh. Bigger things about to worry about op.
Get her a lady shave and let her get on with it. Safe, easy and she won’t be in the bathroom for hours.
If you say she can’t you are making it a “ big thing “ and she’ll do it anyway I bet - either she’s but my kit or use dads / your razor!

By letting her I think you teach that she has autonomy over her body too - which is actually a really big thing

ionising · 30/09/2018 09:32

Thanks all. Going to talk about it and then go for it.

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