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To ask what peoples income and outgoings are and amount left over each month?

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Datingdilemashmm · 29/09/2018 16:12

Ok so I'm a single parent and my total income each month is £2300 with my biggest outgoings at £500 mortgage and £300 a month on petrol and parking for work. I pay £100 off credit cards (interest free). I also treat myself to gym membership of 60 a month. I have the other usual outgoings of £60 gas and electric, council tax £110 and £60 a month breakfast club for my son. £40 mobile. No car loans. £80 on my sons activities and clubs! How much do you budget for food?

Each month Im in the minus and I need to cut my outgoings (im terrible with amazon I admit).. I cant see anywhere online which gives examples of "good practice" monthly amounts.. i know it varies!

What do you have left over each month aftwr all necissities including food, petrol, kids clubs and phone etc paid?

OP posts:

missymayhemsmum · 29/09/2018 22:14

It's not just the monthly bills plus food, though is it. It's the car service and mot, birthdays, christmas, clothes shop, house project, and replacing things when they break. Every month there's something that isn't in the 'monthly budget'


bridgetreilly · 29/09/2018 22:18

If you take away the outgoings you listed from your income, you still have nearly £1000 disposable income. Say £100 week on food/household etc. That leaves PLENTY. You don't need to cancel the gym, you need to get control of your other spending.


ionising · 30/09/2018 13:07

Agree with bridge. You you have more disposable income than most.

Read some of the debt free diaries on MSE for ideas about food budgets. Keep a spending diary yourself for a few months.

As seen on this thread some people are anal about not discussing their income and the pearl clutchers find it distasteful.


Firstbornunicorn · 30/09/2018 13:12

This is what I keep saying when I watch rich house/poor house!!! I think we need to protest that show tbh.


PurpleRobe · 30/09/2018 13:20

Depends where you live but 60 is a lot for gym. Quite a few near me are 14pm (the premium ones are 80)

Phone bill could be lower too. I pay 22.

You could switch both of those when your cotract is up

Do you have home broadband as I guess that's expensive or are you already saving money by not having home bb?


PurpleRobe · 30/09/2018 13:22

Oh and to answer the question... I don't actually know my incoming and outgoings

but I do have money left over every month. after 500pm savings and 250 on over-paying the mortgage


Nightwatch999 · 30/09/2018 13:38

Wow OP are you for real? You are earning a considerable amount and basically sounds like you are gloating.

How do you think low earners and those on benefits manage compared to you? BiscuitHmm


Boobiewoobie · 30/09/2018 13:55

Total Income approx £1200 per month
Family of 4, kids not in school. Two cars. Renting. No debt. Both working but not both full time due to no childcare. We have passes to local places, national trust etc. My phone is £12 pm, DH's is about £22 (used for work). We pay for Netflix, dog insurance, regular charity donation, the odd bottle of wine as well as the usually bills.
Amount left over each month - nothing
Living hand to mouth? Yep
Happy? Mostly
Weekly food shop? Under £50
Holidays this year? 4 nights camping in the uk
Things will improve with recent business start up but not for a few years as have to pay back family for start up costs.
Lazy? No
Receive benefits? Tax credits and child benefit. Totally entitled to them and would be in the food bank without them. I paid tax for years before having the kids and my husband pays now, no guilt.

Everyone's situation is different

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