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DD (2) Temperature Advice

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WelshRobyn · 28/09/2018 21:31

DD was sent home from nursery today with a temp. She's been ok in herself if a bit teary. She went to bed no problem. Been to check on her and she's on fire, and I mean hot! But when I've taken her temperature (under armpit digit) it's 37.7C which is warm but nothing too concerning. But she's so hot. She's in a vest and I've given her Calpol.

Any advice?

OP posts:
SplishSplashSplosh · 28/09/2018 21:38

Do you know what her temperature would normally be??

My DD2 (she's 2 and a half) has febrile seizures when her temperature spikes so we check her temp quite often when she's unwell. Normally, her temp would be between 35.8 and 36.5 so a temp of 37.7 would be quite high for her.

Let the Calpol kick in and take her temperature again. You can also alternate between Calpol and Ibuprofen. Take her vest off u until she cools down but don't fan her..

Any concerns, phone 111 for further advice

EveHen · 28/09/2018 21:39

Hi Welsh Robin, how has she been after the calpol? A few weeks ago my 8 month old daughter had a fever. It had been up a bit for 3 days. One night we had given neurofen 4 hours before. At 11 pm her temperature was 40.5, at which point I panicked and rang 101. They phoned back at 8am!!! After a couple of trips to the doctor I worked out that they dont really care how hot they are, it is more about how they are in themselves. If they are a bit grizzly but otherwise normal then continue on with calpol. But if they are drowsy, difficult to wake or you feel that they are really not right, then get them to the doctor. I hope this helps!

WelshRobyn · 28/09/2018 21:40

It's usually between 36 and 37, she's ready had Calpol earlier too bless her. I'll check her temp again in half an hour.

OP posts:
giveovermypreciousss · 28/09/2018 21:44

Armpit thermometer tends to take a lower recording. Have you got access to an ear thermometer?
Also if the temp is highna good dr/nurse will take you seriously. Especially with sepsis being such a focal point in the nhs.

WelshRobyn · 28/09/2018 21:50

She does seem lethargic now but I think that's because I keep disturbing her sleep? It's not difficult to wake her though .

OP posts:
Nogodsnomasters · 28/09/2018 21:50

How is she now op? Ear thermometer is much better I find than armpit.

HundredsAndThousandsOfThem · 28/09/2018 21:53

Agree with PP try to get an ear reading, or under her tongue. When my youngest was 2 she had a super high temperature 41 which wasn't coming down the calpol! We called out the doctor (we were living abroad) by the time Dr arrived obviously the temp was fine and no concerns. He said young kids do sometimes spike high fevers - it's only concerning if they don't come down and the child is very different to usual.

Happygummibear · 28/09/2018 22:02

May not help but my 1 year old picked up our stomach bug last week. She felt hot and was sent home from nursery with a temp but all readings were 37 or less despite her being roasting and sweating..she was also lethargic for a few days, more tired and whingey than usual. Also didn't want to eat but she was also fighting the mmr as well.

BuntyII · 28/09/2018 22:03

Treat the baby, not the thermometer. She doesn't sound well tbh and I think I'd like to get her seen if you're worried.

Happygummibear · 29/09/2018 14:53

How is your dd today op?

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