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Drinking sess AIBU

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FiestyFiveFootTwo · 28/09/2018 18:16

Hi I am over 40 weeks pregnant and set to be induced next week. My DH explained his friend who has a 6 month old and a partner at home wanted to come over for a drink.

I was a bit hesitant, normal nothing wrong but we were returning from a midwife appointment when he told me of the plans, so I was thinking obviously this will be only a few hours.

He's been here 12 hours, no lie. He got picked up at 3pm and it's now almost the next morning. He's partner is going be pissed. My DH said he lost track of time, but we never discussed him staying over since it could be Go to the hospital time anytime between now and next.

Aibu to expect a father with a child already to know not to overstay and keep a expectant father up drinking. Also to be pissed at my DH.

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BiscuitDrama · 28/09/2018 18:18

I think it’s up to your DH to tell him to go I’m afraid.

InDubiousBattle · 28/09/2018 18:20

This is all on your dh tbh. The friend may have agreed this with his partner but your dh is the expectant dad with a 40 weeks pregnant wife and it's going on in his home. He should have put a stop to it and told his friend to go home.

HolesinTheSoles · 28/09/2018 18:21

I think you can only really be annoyed at DH. He should have told his friend it was time to head off and stopped drinking (I'm assuming DH is the one who will be driving you to the hospital?)

glintandglide · 28/09/2018 18:23

That’s quite a session for a Thursday night! Maybe his partner doesn’t mind? Not fair if you do though

FiestyFiveFootTwo · 28/09/2018 18:27

True, I do feel sorry because I think the friend misses hanging out after work and DH probably feels like it's his last hurrah. I've asked DH to figure out a cut away time to call him a cab. Also yes DH is my ride to the hospital.

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purplecorkheart · 28/09/2018 18:28

Sorry but its you dh at fault. Friend should not have been invited for drinks given the circumstances and you dh should certainly asked them to leave long ago

FiestyFiveFootTwo · 28/09/2018 18:46

Ok, thank you for your advice.Smile The friend has cut away to head home and DH is regretting his decision to not stop drinking earlier in the bathroom. I think I'll have a chat with DH when he's sobered. Hmm

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