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10rainbows · 27/09/2018 22:10

Aibu? My son age 10 wants a sleepover with 6 other children! I don't want to leave a friend out, but we have quite a small house and they will have to sleeping in the lounge,

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motortroll · 27/09/2018 22:19

My kids do this all the time! Admittedly I've only ever had 4 but their friends always have loads! They just pile air beds and roll mats on the floor and whack a film on.

Pinkprincess1978 · 27/09/2018 22:31

My sons first sleep over was 5 friends so six boys. His room is a good size so they kind of fit in there. I'm not sure I would want to give up my living room if I'm honest (although my mum did for a birthday sleepover over for me).

Hellywelly10 · 27/09/2018 22:34

I just cant manage it but dd's friends can come over any afternoon they like.

LoveAGoodChat · 27/09/2018 22:34

Use sleeping bags ..and let them all sleep together on the floor (the same way as if they were camping) will be fun for them, they won't mind, they will be too busy having fun

MsSquiz · 27/09/2018 23:03

When I used to have sleep overs with anywhere between 3 and 7 girls, my DM would chuck us in the living room with spare duvets, sheets and pillows, plus everyone would bring a duvet or sleeping bag and pillow and we would just sleep on the floor in a mass tangle of bedding

noego · 27/09/2018 23:05

Retreat to the bedroom...........
Give them the lounge. Let them sleep where they drop. Pizza delivery for dinner. Hide the Vodka.

HemanOrSheRa · 27/09/2018 23:14

It's highly unlikely that they'll do any sleeping Grin. I just let DS have the lounge from about 10pm when he was having big sleepovers at that age. Made up a big double sized blow up mattress and the two large sofas and let them get on with it.

On one sleepover I did have to go and shout at them at 7.30am to shut up for 30 mins before I could start taking them home! After a few minutes giggling they all passed out until lunchtime Grin.

arethereanyleftatall · 27/09/2018 23:19

I'd rather squash in than leave someone out.
We always put mattresses in the floor in the lounge and they all squash in next to each other and watch films. Sleepovers are pretty much my kids fave thing to do.

speakout · 05/12/2018 07:25

I wouldn't allow it.

Too much opportunity for chaos.

I did allow sleepovers- but only for one or two other children.

And you don't have the room.

If it is a special occasion then a movie and pizza evening for seven, but they would be all picked up at bedtime.

10rainbows · 10/12/2018 21:19

We didn’t do it as I didn’t want to leave a child out. Maybe when they are in secondary school. C

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