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Low cost heaters

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nomorecoffee · 27/09/2018 20:59

The weather turning cold is really worrying me as I am struggling with money anyway and come winter I will have to keep the flat warm. I have electric heaters but I never use them as it's very expensive. I've read halogen heaters are the cheapest to run? Is that the case or is there any other type of heater that is cheaper? Please help!

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nomorecoffee · 27/09/2018 21:05

Sorry I meant electric radiators in the flat not electric heaters!

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Buggeroffalo · 27/09/2018 21:07

I think to keep your flat warm cheaply you need to approach it twofold - making sure your flat is as insulated as possible to retain heat I.e. lined thick curtains (I sewed cheap fleece blankets to the back of mine), draught excluders, silver reflective insulating foil behind radiators on external walls, drawing curtains as soon as it gets dark and I think oil filled radiators are your cheapest option for plug in heating. I make sure sure doors to rooms I’m not heating are shut during the day so I’m only heating the room I’m in, and leave the oven door open after cooking to release the heat into the house.

Homemenu1 · 27/09/2018 21:07

We used oil radiators, we were on a electric key and I didn’t find myself topping up that much more

MonoClue · 27/09/2018 21:27

Following this with interest. We’ve got storage heaters here and whilst they whack through the electric (also on pre payment key) they barely keep the chill off.
We go from averaging £20 a week over summer to £50 in the winter. And we’re still bloody cold!

bellabasset · 27/09/2018 22:11

An electric blanket, I have one that fits like a mattress protector, which I put a protector over. These keep your bed dry and cosy in damp weather, put it on for sn hour as you get into bed. Use a timer for your bedroom so the heater goes on for an hour am and pm.

Wear layers, thermals under a pair of jogging bottoms, a large sweatshirt over your jumper, and socks. You can get lightweight throws to wrap round you, my neighbours boys wear onsies.

You can fit thermal blinds to pull down, neighbour has single glazing and these really help or get thermal liners for curtains that attach to lined or unlined curtains. Quite inexpensive from Dunelm or online.

Don't dry wet washing indoors, use tumble dryer or something like a dri buddy.

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