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Online article about a thread.

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daffodillament · 27/09/2018 18:27

Just been reading a story on Walesonline about the woman who was banned from her sons wedding because she wouldn't wear the clothes the bride wanted her to. Outrageous enough..bride sounds a nightmare of vast proportions but seriously...why would mum agree to local media covering this ? Sure won't help things !

OP posts:
Merryoldgoat · 27/09/2018 18:32

What do you mean? They just lift the thread from here - they don’t ask permission...

FemmeFatal · 27/09/2018 18:34

Daily mail stole one of my threads. They definitely don't ask!

Rainbowtrain · 27/09/2018 18:34

Oh yes
Definitely more to the story than that.
It sounds very much like MIL and bride have more history and thinking about my SIL and a friend who had a similar problem at her wedding, the son needs to establish better boundaries

Aprilsinparis · 27/09/2018 18:37

Agree with Merryoldgoat I think the media very often have a gander at MN, and lift the threads when they are short of news.

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