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Accepting a job you might not want.

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inmyshoos · 25/09/2018 13:39

Ive been applying for many many jobs and had an interview last week for one. Now been offered it and yet I have second interview for one is prefer in a week.

What do you do? I would prefer not to mess anyone about.

AIBU accepting and then if offered the other job take it instead? Or should I say I have another interview? Argh!! Hate these situations!!

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inmyshoos · 25/09/2018 13:42

Sorry about typos!! It's adrenalin giving me the shakes!!!

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HeadsDownThumbsUpEveryone · 25/09/2018 13:43

Can you not ask for some time to consider before accepting, although that would depend on the length of time after the second interview and them offering you a job or not.

I think it would be pretty unfair to take the position and then let them down in a few weeks. You need to think about whether there will be issues with job one discussing you with other companies should you turn them down after accepting the offer.

PJBanana · 25/09/2018 13:44

Watching with interest. I am in almost exactly the same situation.

Been job hunting for a month, nothing. This week, I’ve had an offer. I really got a shit feeling about the job during the interview. I also have another interview arranged for a job that I think is much more suited to me later this week.

It’s like buses, loads come along at once!

frecklefox · 25/09/2018 15:15

Hello! HR advisor and ex recruiter here, seen it lots, done it myself...

Accept the first offer and say you can't start until mid-October. If you're then offered your preferred job you can accept that and tell the first company you're really sorry but you've had another offer. If you don't get your preferred job, at least you'll still have a job to start Smile

inmyshoos · 25/09/2018 17:09

Thanks guys. Great advice. Can't start until after 20th October anyway because of childcare and notice so I can buy myself some time!

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