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Drs scenario - what can I do?

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Causeimunderyourspell · 25/09/2018 07:29

Sorry posting AIBU for traffic -

We have recently moved and I have as yet, not registered at our local GP.

We are still registered at our old one but I don't drive and have absolutely no way of getting there.

I need to see someone about a chest infection I have but also I think I need to speak to someone urgently about ADs. I'm not suicidal or thinking of harming myself. I am just feeling like my mood is getting out of control. I don't care what I have I just want something.

Anyway sorry for the waffling but just thought someone might know of someone else I can talk to to get a prescription?

OP posts:
pretendingtowork1 · 25/09/2018 07:32

Register today. If you're already on Ads any pharmacist can give you a private emergency script if you show them an old box. Otherwise register today and ask for an appt. You've said it isn't urgent so getting one within a week or so shouldn't be an issue. Lots of areas also do hub appts evenings and weekends which tend to have shorter waiting lists.

Mumof1DS · 25/09/2018 07:32

Local walk in centre for your chest. Mine gave antibiotics for my tonsillitis.

KatieMoragsMum · 25/09/2018 07:34

You can be seen at a local GP surgery as a Temporary Resident. Just phone and ask. There’s a short form to fill in. Or phone and say you aren’t registered yet but need a dr. The receptionist should guide you through the process. It’s not too tricky. (Former GP receptionist speaking- we’re not all dragons!) Hope you feel better soon, and get the medical care you need.

DartmoorDoughnut · 25/09/2018 07:34

Go to drs (local one) day you've just moved and you need to see a dr today Flowers

Neshoma · 25/09/2018 08:12

Take some forms of ID with you too as they will ask for them.

Holidayfromreal · 25/09/2018 08:42

I had to see a GP while on holiday the other week and just rang and they said they would see me and there was a form to fill in, if you ring and explain I'm sure they will see you for your chest infection. You will probably have to officially register to speak about ADs though.

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