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To ask if anybody can advise me on legal help for maintenaince arrears

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Bumbelinadance · 24/09/2018 21:59

I have posted this on the legal board also Situation is this
....ex husband ordered in 2011 to make monthly global maintenaince payments for myself and Ds now 11 with special needs ....
this was adhered to until august 2016 , at which point he announced his company was running at a loss and paid hugely reduced minimal payments .
I was told I wasn’t entitled to legal aid to contest this .

I borrowed heavily from family to pay a reputable solicitor and barrister.
Eventually on a 3rd final hearing last May 2018 it was shown that during this period he had

  1. taken money from an account in my sons name
  2. he had been “ gifted “ regular sums of money each month, equivalent to a directors salary , from both his mother and either of his 2 business partners.

The judge made an order based on this he would have to pay the fulll child component monthly as well as monthly payments towards arrears .
It was also ordered ,since he had just closed down his company, the arrears be paid in full once he got a new job and the joint lives aspect of the original order remain active .

He paid 2 months , then stopped paying a penny saying he was appealing the decision.
He has put in an appeal against the order but it hasn’t been heard yet.
I am hugely in debt as a result of it all, house on the market. In arrears on credit cards, mortgage and bank loans I had to take out .
Step change have advised me/ represent me . I have suffered a breakdown and am trying to manage on my part time earnings and tax credits .
I can’t afford to pay a solicitor . ........i have tried to find out what is going on by ringing the courts . I get nowhere ... just told there is an appeal pending and to “ seek legal advice”
There is no doubt in my mind he hid money all along but as a banker succeeded . I was advised by both a forensic accountant and barrister there was a strong suggestion he hid money but it would cost a great deal of money to prove it . More than he owes .

There is another factor.. he has a history of violence towards me. Last month he was charged and found guilty of assault on his girlfriend he was “ unofficially living with” ( tenancy in her name ) This my Ds discovered from the newspaper . His response to my email requests for the August and now September payments are to say he has a criminal record now and can’t work in finance again so won’t have to pay . He was granted legal aid in his criminal case and has been given universal credit he says . Lives with his mother .

Can anybody advice me on where to go from here please . I am utterly exhausted with over 2 years of stress .
I do not know how to begin tackling this myself . I really have so little time. My family are supportive but live far away and neither of my parents are in good health .
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