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Meter readings- refuse entry?

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YorkshirePuddingsandPie · 24/09/2018 15:58

My mum is having her meter read monthly despite entering the readings each month online (I have POA and manage it for her.) I didn't know this was happening until today when the man called to read it. My mum is in her 90s and we have recently had to have a chat with her about not allowing strangers in her home. I was horrified that she is allowing men to enter the house ( they wear a high viz jacket with a company name on but anyone could get one of those.)Presumably we can refuse entry on the grounds she is already submitting readings and it's only needed once a year? This is a new utility provider she's using.

OP posts:

TheOxymoron · 26/09/2018 07:30

Just check, I think they have a legal obligation to meter read the elderly monthly so they are not hit with huge estimated bills or build up debt that could cause them stress.
I learned this sorting a bill for my parents and citizens advice informed me.
That said, they can opt out of this. It may be a case of ticking a box somewhere or a quick call.


AdamHi · 26/09/2018 07:34

If you opt for the current generation of smart meters and decide to change suppliers, you may find out that they do not work. I'd suggest waiting until the next generation are rolled out.


Userplusnumbers · 26/09/2018 07:37

I suspect your DM is on the priority services register and at some point has been flagged as needing monthly readings. Call the company and they can change it there and then.


myusernamewastakenbyme · 26/09/2018 07:39

The last time my meter was read the man got the readings the wrong way round and caused loads of hassle.


Gaspodethetalkingdog · 26/09/2018 08:03

I was told the electricity companies check the property to make sure it has not been turned into a cannabis factory and the meter bypassed which is extremely dangerous apart from anything else


joanna443 · 09/09/2019 09:27

There are many people now trying to get their smart meters removed as they are proven to pulse erratically and emit dangerously high levels of radiation. I have refused point blank to have them... Most cities now have STOP SMART METERS facebook groups where you will find mounting evidence of how dangerous they are....


Andpopwenttheweasle · 09/09/2019 13:38

You can refuse the meter readers entry, and you can submit a dated photo to the energy company usually.
I'm not sure if it's every year or whatever but they do have a right to check the meter every so often, as much for safety and tampering than anything.
Speak to her energy company, she can be added to the PSR and you can set up a password that the meter reader must quote to before she allows them in. Alternatively you can book an appointment for a specific time and day to reassure her or someone be with her etc

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