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To be annoyed at someone else giving my baby icing cake

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Someonehelpmi · 24/09/2018 12:28

Little boy is 6 months old and I'm all for him trying out a variety of things and new foods, I would prefer someone else would double check before they gave him something but I wouldn't make a fuss. Anyway I went to a birthday party and he was sat in his pram next to me and someone gave him a handful of birthday cake with the really sugary icing on followed by potatoe smiley faces. I've only just started the weaning journey so have been a bit anxious about things. AIBU to be slightly annoyed that they gave my baby something so sugary without first asking? (I would not have given him anything like that, maybe a plain bit of sponge) I wouldn't say anything to them but most wondering if I'm over reacting!

OP posts:
greendale17 · 24/09/2018 12:29

I wouldn’t be happy either especially as baby is only 6 months old!

mamahanji · 24/09/2018 12:32

See at any age it is unreasonable to give someone else's child food. The amount of times someone has handed my 1 year old a slice of cake or a biscuit and I've had to snatch it off her because it will put her in hospital.

People have no idea. No yanbu at all. He's 6 months and she as no idea!

EssentialHummus · 24/09/2018 12:36

No, I'd be annoyed too. Who was it giving him the cake?

Someonehelpmi · 24/09/2018 12:40

greendale17 exactly, he's only just started trying fruit aswell Sad

mamahanji oh no that's horrible does your daughter have allergies? I know she has her own son so would think she'd have some idea!

EssentialHummus she's my Aunty so probably thought she didn't need to

OP posts:
Harleypuppy · 24/09/2018 12:44

I think you're over reacting. It's food not crack, at a party.

Someonehelpmi · 24/09/2018 12:46

Harleypuppy fair enough, why I wasn't going to get super angry over it or say anything

OP posts:
sexnotgender · 24/09/2018 12:48

You are not overreacting at all, I’d be very pissed off.

You don’t give children or animals anything without clearing it with whoever they are with.

LadyOdd · 24/09/2018 12:55

If your just started weaning yanbu each food group should be introduced slowly and have a day or two before introducing something new so you know wether they have any allergies.

When my dd was weaning people tried giving her all sorts lollipops,ice cream, crispes,olives etc drove me mad. People still give her lollipops she’s 13 months now I take them say thanks and give them to my neighbors older kids.

Winchester89 · 24/09/2018 13:06

I'm with @harleypuppy
Personally it wouldn't bother me in the slightest, but I was never bothered in this way about food when my daughter was weaning. She eats or has tried pretty much everything, loves her veg, loves her icing cake! Everything in moderation :) the cake wont kill her.

Jux · 24/09/2018 13:07

My mil gave dd anything she felt like giving her, urged me to give her Ribena (at 6 weeks!!!) in case she was thirsty. DH laid down 'rules' about dd's early diet which I adhered to, but he wasn't above breaking those rules himself when he thought I wouldn't find out.

The whole feeding thing is wrought with problems. At your son's age you just pick up the plate and eat it yourself, or feed it to him presumably?

I wouldn't bother saying anything. Next time you'll be aware that these things can happen, and 'next time' could be a way away and he'll be different and so will you.

thisisannc · 24/09/2018 13:14

It's definitely not cool to give a small baby any food without clearing it with parents first. However, it's done now and not really worth giving any more thought to unless you're going to be in a similar situation with the same people imminently.

SoyDora · 24/09/2018 13:18

I’m not massively precious about things like this however I do think that with such a young baby, people should check with the parents first before offering anything.


If your just started weaning yanbu each food group should be introduced slowly and have a day or two before introducing something new so you know wether they have any allergies

I didn’t do this with either of mine. We did BLW and I just put some food on the high chair from day 1! Obviously no added salt or anything with honey or whole nuts (due to the choking hazard).

mamahanji · 24/09/2018 14:11

Yes she is allergic to wheat and eggs and oranges. So whilst someone thinks it's fine to give someone else's child a biscuit because it's just a biscuit, maybe ask their parent first as it could cause that child a lot of pain and harm.

And it isn't usual that babies are dairy intolerant or egg intolerant until 1 or 2. People should just think passed themselves for a minute.

BlackInk · 24/09/2018 14:34

If your just started weaning yanbu each food group should be introduced slowly and have a day or two before introducing something new so you know wether they have any allergies

Yeah this is very outdated advice. Current guidelines recommend waiting until 6 months, but then anything goes, avoiding whole nuts, honey (I think) and anything very salty.

But what OP's auntie did is annoying and a bit out of order. It won't do any harm, and I guess she would have known if he had any serious allergies as she's a family member, but frustrating when you're trying to do things just right for your LO.

Ceecee18 · 24/09/2018 14:41

YANBU. I would never give someone else's child food without asking, and would be pissed off if someone started giving DD food without checking with me first. She had an allergy to cows milk when she was younger and the amount of times my mom tried to give her something she couldn't have was ridiculous. You never know if someone else's child is allergic or intolerant to something. And a child of that age, who's just started weaning, even parents won't know yet.

mamahanji · 24/09/2018 14:58

*isnt unusual I mean

Someonehelpmi · 24/09/2018 15:17

Thank you for the advice r.e. not introducing one food at a time, I didn't realise this as nearly everything you read they say the opposite Smile. I won't be saying anything I was just wondering about others opinions, nothing bad happened to him other than crawling at a mad mans pace but he has days like that Grin

OP posts:
LadyOdd · 25/09/2018 19:52

I didn’t realise it was outdated but it was a one of those home visitors people who said or and they can be a bit behind. Maybe you can use it as a reason inst lol

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