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To think my new neibours could be a bit more considerate

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Busybean · 10/06/2007 22:48

They have 2 cars between them, but they keep parking one outside my gate(ok so i dont have a car) and one just a bit further along nearer to their gate.
the troubly is they park them just short of a car width apart, so no one can park in between and they take up space on either side-basically if they shuffled up, you could park 4 cars.
I think they do it sometimes so another car of theres can park(have seen her reverse back to allow another car in between....

Its a right pain the backside, especially when unloading shopping as the taxi has to pacrk half way up the road. Also annoying when i get back from college with two very grumpy, sleepy children and have to carry them down the road to the house.
I wouldnt mind but theyre not disabled and they dont have small children.....AIBU??

What would you do about it? Its driving me nuts!

OP posts:

MaureenMLove · 10/06/2007 22:50

I have a similar problem with my neighbours. Afraid there's not much you can do, especially if you haven't got a car. Its a public highway. Very blardy annoying though!


marieg76 · 11/06/2007 15:04

Have a word with them. They'll hopefully be a little sensitive about upsetting the neighbours if they are new to the area. They probably haven't given it any thought at all so make them think!


policywonk · 11/06/2007 15:07

They probably think you won't mind as you don't have a car. Take them round a bottle of plonk and ask them sweetly to leave you a space.


bookwormmum · 11/06/2007 15:11

Can't you ask the taxi just to stop in the road for a few minutes whilst you unload bags and children?

Mind I do live in an area where people sit in their cars in the road and have conversations with their neighbours never mind anyone who actually wants to use the road to get anywhere.


Blu · 11/06/2007 15:21

They probably do this bcause if they didn't the road would fill up with commuters or other people parking - so even if they leave space, the chances are road will be full when you arrive by taxi. Is it hard to find a space in the road?

Put your bins in the road before they take up the space! Although that will escalate the situation, rather!

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